The Talkative Barber Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 5th


This chapter, “The Talkative Barber” is a well-known tale from the renowned “Arabian Nights.” It depicts a talkative barber who is always chattering, even when doing his work. A Sultan who needs his beard shaved makes a call to the barber in the tale. He talks nonstop yet doesn’t finish the task at hand. The Sultan eventually became tired of his pointless stories. The Sultan, however, is unaware of what is in store for him. The conversation between the two is humorously described in this tale.

Chirpy Barber Says He’s Silent!

The subject of the tale is a barber who resides in Cashgar. Everyone is aware of the barber’s outspoken personality. One day a Sultan decides he needs a haircut and takes the barber’s appointment. The barber arrives, but instead of starting his work right away, he immediately begins chatting nonstop.  The Sultan grows frustrated with his behaviour and gives him the order to leave with the money without getting his hair shaved. The barber further refuses to accept this and claims that he will complete the work because it was the Sultan who called seeking his service.

He is repeatedly told by the Sultan to quit chatting and focus on his work, but in vain. The barber talks to him about his brothers before beginning to shave his head. He gives useless information about his weird brothers. But as the Sultan becomes angry, the barber chooses to begin shaving. He eventually stops and steps outside to check the time. The Sultan pretends as if he is in a hurry, but doesn’t disclose the reason. Despite the barber’s repeated efforts, the Sultan refuses to explain his haste. Sultan tries to oust him by claiming that he is hosting friends for a feast in order to excuse his absence.

The Sultan grants him permission to treat his friends with all of the food that was prepared for the feast.   Nevertheless, the barber continues to pass time by tasting every food item  the Sultan serves him. Now that he is agitated, the Sultan gives in to the chatty barber’s demands. Once the barber is satisfied, he begins shaving his head once more. He finally pauses again and remarks that he had no idea the Sultan was so kind. The Sultan, though, just wanted to get rid of him at any expense.