Crying Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 5th


Galway Kinnell wrote the poem ‘Crying’. The poet explains that sobbing a bit won’t do anyone any good. He urged the kids to cry like a baby. Then and only then will they be contented. He claims that you will find happiness after weeping your eyes out. Once you’ve stopped weeping, you may relax and take a shower. Additionally, according to the poet, doing this will undoubtedly leave others wondering what is going on. However, none of this should be taken seriously.

About The Poet

Poet Galway Mills Kinnell belonged to the United States of America. He received the National Book Award for Poetry with Charles Wright and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 1982 collection, Selected Poems. He served as Vermont’s poet laureate from 1989 until 1993.

Theme Of The Poem 

The poem is about tears and also about experiencing joy once you’re done being sad. According to the poem “Crying,” we can eventually be joyful by crying our hearts out until there is no longer any grief inside of us. 

Stanza 1

Crying only a little bit 
is no use. You must cry 
until your pillow is soaked! Then you can jump in the shower 
and splash-splash-splash!

In his first lines, the poet tells young readers that crying momentarily will do them absolutely no good. He claims that it won’t be beneficial. This is true because when you cry just a bit, you do not fully express your feelings. You can never actually be cheerful if unhappiness is still inside of you.

The poet therefore encourages everyone to cry without restricting feelings. The poet wants you to sob until your tears fully cover the cushion. The poet wants you to get in the shower after you’ve cried your heart out. You’ll be relieved when you take a shower. Since  you are now happy, you can enjoy the sound of water splashing. After all that weeping, taking a shower actually cheer you up and make you feel at ease.

Stanza 2

Then you can throw open 
your window 
and, “Ha, ha! ha ha!”
And if people say, “Hey, 
what's going on up there?” 
“Ha ha!” sing back, “Happiness
was hiding in the last tear! I wept it! Ha ha!”

Kinnell continues by saying that you may then open the window if you want to. Splashing in the water and taking a relaxing bath are both enjoyable. People will notice when you are having fun. Some people could even ask you what’s going on over there. The poet encourages you to avoid letting these questions ruin your time. In reality, you only need to say that the tear you just wept contained your happiness. You may then resume enjoying your shower without having to worry.