The Little Bully Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 5th


The little bully narrates a tale of a boy who used to pick on every student in his class. Hari, who is not particularly big but is rather tough, is the subject of the story. Hari enjoys making fun of his classmates. His most favourite pastime is pinching other people. Hari was despised by everyone for his habits, and no one liked being around him.

Hari- The Wicked Little Boy

There was a child named Hari who, despite his little stature, was a fierce boy. He would frequently misuse his strength. He liked to make fun of the other kids and his favourite trick was to pinch people. Within a minute of pinching, he would leave a mark on them. He also liked sticking pins in other people. Due to his constant trickery and infliction of harm on others, it was clear why everyone despised him. The kids were reluctant to inform their teachers since doing so would be considered tattle-telling.

One day, all the kids were quite happy because the school conducted its annual picnic. When the train arrived, everyone jumped in. But because Hari would pinch them and harm them, nobody wanted to sit close to him. When the train arrived at its destination, everyone leaped off, grabbed a hand, and began to run together, but no one grabbed Hari’s. When Hari lost his temper, he went and sat by himself in a corner because no one else wanted to join him, and he pulled out his tiffin to check what he had to eat. Although he had a lovely tiffin, he refused to share anything and wanted to finish it all by himself. There were two hard-boiled eggs, six jam sandwiches, three pieces of bread and butter, a ginger cake, and a bar of chocolate.

What Goes Around Comes Around!

As soon as Hari began to eat the eggs, he heard a voice saying: “Good morning! I am so pleased to meet a boy like you.” When Hari glanced back, he was startled to discover a crab had extended a claw. Hari reached out to shake hands. The crab then swung his claw and bit Hari. Hari screamed in agony. The crab then brought his relative, a lobster, who emerged from the water. Before Hari could react, the lobster grabbed his palm and gave him a vicious bite. Hari cried out again.

As Hari trembled and glared at the water, several more creatures emerged and stung him till he turned black and blue. He was asked if he enjoyed it by each and every creature. They also told Hari that they had heard he was the finest pincher and wanted to test how he would react if it were done to him. They turned their focus away from Hari when they saw what he had for lunch. When Hari saw this, he began crying and escaped as quickly as he could, thus, realizing why the other kids loathed him so much.