Flying Together Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 5th


The tale of a flock of geese fleeing from a hunter is told in the book Flying Together. The story centres on a wise goose that manages to assist the birds in escaping.  The group of geese live in the tree at the start of the story. The wise old goose spots a vine growing on a tree limb and tells the other birds to remove it since it will hide them from predators. No one, however, heeds his advice and carries on with their lives. Finally, the terrible time arrives when a bunch of hunters discover them and attempt to capture them. The geese now regret not paying attention to the smart geese as they land in difficulty. He therefore rescues them by devising a strategy and enables their united escape.

The Wise Goose And Things That Went Wrong!

A large tree is seen to be a home to a group of wild geese. The little creeper that begins to appear at the base of the tree causes an elderly, wise goose to start worrying. He requests that the other birds help remove it. The clever goose is concerned that they may get into trouble if they get larger. He worries that hunters will be able to kill them by climbing them. The other geese, however, ignore his concern and go on. The creeper began to get thicker and stronger as time went on. It now begins to wound its way up the tree.

So, a hunter passes by one day and discovers the vine. He uses the creeper to pull himself up the tree till he reaches the peak. There, the hunter spreads his net to catch the geese. The geese are now aware that they are stuck with nowhere to go. They begin to regret not paying attention to the intelligent goose. They beg for mercy as the hunter is capturing them, and the old goose comes to their rescue. He comes up with a smart strategy to get them out of there. He suggests that the birds act like they are dead.

The hunter will toss them to the ground if they act in this way because he will believe they are already dead. Consequently, they follow the wise goose’s suggested plan. All the geese begin acting dead in the morning. As they are all laying quiet in the net, the hunter, upon witnessing this, believes they are all dead. As a result, he begins to drop them one by one on the ground. They realise they had accomplished their goal when he finally dismisses the last goose. As the last one touches the ground, they all stand up, begin flapping their wings, and begin flying together after the old goose commands them to do so.

The fable ‘Flying Together’ gives us important lessons about respecting the wisdom of our elders and the power of cooperation in overcoming obstacles.