The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


Life in the town is very different from life in the countryside, but who knew it could also be very difficult. 

Guest in Country

There were two cousins, town mouse and country mouse. Following a doctor’s recommendation, the town mouse visits his cousin in the countryside for a change of scenery. However, he soon realises that his trip is a lot more inconvenient than non-ac coaches. Upon reaching he is rather shocked to see the simple lifestyle of the countryside.

Instead of chilled orange juices and lemonades, he is simply offered some coconut water. Unlike his extravagant meals in the town, he has to eat raw roots and sugarcane. All this is the norm of country life but a great contrast to his town lifestyle. The town mouse did not enjoy his dinner at all. He nibbled at the root and the sugar- cane and then said he wanted to sleep. The night was peaceful for it lacked the chaos and noise of cars and lorries but the town mouse still did not like the village. He was shocked to learn that he would have to sleep on the hard, cold ground.

The next morning, the town mouse found that there was no breakfast ready. His cousin told him that they had to go to the nearby farm to search for food. But the town mouse has had enough. He could no longer live like this so he made an excuse and caught the next train to town, making his escape.

A Trip to Town

A few days later, the country mouse wrote to his cousin expressing his concern for his cousin’s health and requesting to visit him. The country mouse upon arriving in the town was surprised by the noise and the lights. The constant traffic noise gave him a headache and the country mouse did not like it at all. The town mouse presented his guest with an array of choices in drinks and food. Unsurprisingly, the town mouse’s home in the back of a kitchen cupboard was stocked with the tastiest food. There was bread and jam, different kinds of fruits, slabs of chocolate and a huge piece of lovely cheese.

The town mouse called for his cousin to escape and hide as a thunderous boom interrupted their meal. Through a hole in the back of the cabinet, the town mouse forced the country mouse to hide. The country mouse could feel his heart thumping rapidly. The cabinet door had been opened by someone. The town mouse snuck out of the hole when things fell silent once more. He was once again really upbeat. However, their safety did not last for long. They were forced to flee twice more when someone unlocked the cabinet door.

The rural mouse grew weary of hiding and fleeing. Even though they didn’t have much food, he assured the town mouse that they could at least eat in peace. The urban mouse remained in his town closet the following day while the rural mouse returned to his home in the country. And they probably never saw one another again.


When one is habituated to a way of living regardless of its difficulties, one finds it comfortable.