The Town Child and The Country Child Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


The Town Child in simple language describes a typical day of a child in his congested town. Unimpressed with his current lifestyle, there is something else that he wishes and longs for. The Country Child stands as a clear juxtaposition to the former poem, with the country child wishing he could live amidst the crowd.


The grass is always greener on the other side. The two poems showcase the thoughts of two children, one from the town and one from the countryside, each wanting the life the other one has. The poem illustrates the reality that we always want to have something different and more than what we currently possess. We often forget to be grateful and take things for granted, however, our life is a desire for many others.

Stanzas I, II & III (The Town Child)

I live in the town
In a street;
It is crowded with traffic
And feet;
There are buses and motors
And trams;
I wish there were meadows
And lambs.

The houses all wait
In a row,
There is smoke everywhere
That I go.
I don’t like the noises
I hear-
I wish there were woods
Very near.

There is only one thing
That I love,
And that is the sky
Far above,
There is plenty of room
In the blue
For castles of clouds
And me, too!

The child in the town lives on a busy street congested with people and motors. Instead, he wishes he lived between meadows and lambs. The town is loud and lined with houses. Smoke fills the air from all the pollution and he desires to live near the woods, away from all this chaos and crowd. The only thing he loves is the vast blue sky that has ample space to house his imaginative castles of clouds and him too.

Stanzas I, II & III (The Country Child)

My home is a house
Near a wood
(I’d live in a street
If I could!)
The lanes are so quiet,
Oh, dear!
I do wish that someone
Lived near.

There is no one to play with
At all,
The trees are so high
And so tall;
And I should be lonely
For hours,
Were it not for the birds
And the flowers.

I wish that I lived
In a town-
To see all the trams
Going down
A twinkling street
That is bright
With wonderful colours
At night!

On the other hand, the country child yearns for the life that the town offers. He resides close to the forest but wishes to live in a street. The silent streets bother him and he wishes someone lived near him. Since the countryside lacks a crowd the child would be utterly lonely without the birds and flowers that keep him company. He wishes to live in a town which never sleeps and the nights are colourful and busy.


Some things, no matter how exceptional and unusual they are, lose their appeal since we already have them and consider them ordinary. However, someone else wishes they could have it.