My Nasty Adventure Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


Perhaps sometimes the best thing to do is go to school than on wild adventures.

Rhyme Scheme

The poem does not adhere to a definite rhyme scheme.

Lines 1-10

My plane was just about to crash.
So, I grabbed my bag and
Took out my big blue parachute
to glide me down and land.
At last, I found a spot to land.
But there was a big breeze.
And so, I had to painfully
land on these sharp pine trees.
I was then filled with bruises as
a pine fell on my ear.

It appears at first that an adult is speaking. The person is in great peril as the plane is about to crash and to save himself/herself, he/she grabs a parachute and jumps off the plane with nothing but a parachute. The landing does not proceed as intended, as the breeze carries the individual in an entirely different direction, forcing him/her to abruptly land on jagged pine trees and sustain bruises. 

Lines 11-20

I sat down on the ground to rest.
A thorn then poked me.
I slept on the ground frantically.
Mosquitoes bit my nose.
Bugs crept all over me
and tickled my body.
I scratched myself when I woke up,
appearing like a fool.
And after the whole thing I thought
I’d rather go to school.

Sitting on the ground was not the most comfortable either as the person gets poked by thorns and sleeping in the open was basically hosting a feast for wild mosquitoes. The creeping bugs, the tickling all over the body and the scratching were a nightmare, literally. When the person wakes up scratching him/herself, it is then revealed that all of this adventure was but a dream. The dreamer is none other than a school-going child who at last realises that rather than enduring and living this nightmare, he/she would rather just attend school.