It’s Change Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


A school child worries over the decaying state of the world, while responsible adults call it ‘change’. 


The poem aims to highlight the drastically deteriorating condition of the earth. As inhabitants of this planet, it is the duty of all people to take care of the world. 


Lines 1-8

Mum, I don’t want to go to school today,
‘Cause I fear our world is in decay.
I feel my teachers are part of the plot,
I’m the only one who sees through the rot.
Scientists are cloning pigs and sheep,
Saying, it’s change –- a quantum leap.
Biologists are making stem cells grow,
Saying, it’s change –- the way to go.

The speaker who seems to be a school child is talking to the mother. The child does not want to go to school because the world is in great peril. The kid feels that the teachers are also involved in this plan against the world. It is the child’s belief that all the adults in great positions like scientists and biologists are too preoccupied with their own work to see how it affects the rest of the world. Animals are being cloned, stem cells are being created, and nature is being altered under the guise of progress and change.

Lines 9-14

Geologists are finding cracks in our earth,
Saying, it’s change –- predicting its birth.
Archaeologists are digging up fossils and bones,
Saying, it’s change –- time for clones.
Yes, scientists are causing me great concern,
Giving us kids too much to learn!

Predicting the age of the planet is of greater relevance to geologists and archaeologists. For the kids to learn and grasp, there is too much change and exploration. The final couplet reveals the true cause of concern for the child and the reason behind the want to remain absent, all of these discoveries are too complex to remember, and the curricula keep getting better. The youngster is naughty and does not want to study very hard.