Dear Mum Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


When a woman leaves her son alone at home while she is gone for a while, strange things occur. Although a ghost is blamed, the true offender remains apparent.

Rhyme Scheme

The poem otherwise written in free verse ends with a couplet.

Lines 1-7

While you were out
a cup went and broke itself.
a crack appeared in the blue vase
your great-great granddad
brought back from China.
Somehow, without me even turning on the tap
the sink mysteriously overflowed.

When the mother returns home, the boy leaves a letter recounting all the events that occurred while she was gone. These events are not ordinary. He narrates that a cup broke itself and the vase cracked. The sink overflowing too was claimed to be an enigmatic affair. He makes it amply evident that he had no contributions to any of these accidents. They are deemed mysterious by him.

Lines 8-16

A strange jam stain
about the size of a boy’s hand
appeared on the kitchen wall.
I don’t think we’ll ever discover
exactly how the cat
managed to turn on the washing machine
(especially from the inside)
or how the self-raising flour
managed to self-raise.

Strangely enough, a handprint of jam appeared on the kitchen wall. A series of mishaps followed and the boy believes it is unlikely that the culprit will be found. Although the boy claims to be innocent, all these occurrences make it obvious that the boy was playing in the house while unsupervised and caused this havoc. He was ecstatic to be alone and took complete advantage of the empty house.

Lines 17-24

I can tell you I was scared when,
as if by magic,
a series of muddy footprints
appeared on the new white carpet.
I was being good (honest)
but I think the house is haunted
So, knowing you’re going to have a fit.
I’ve gone over to gran’s for a bit.

Afraid of his mother’s reaction and the repercussions of his careless conduct, he plays innocent and pretends to be afraid. He claims the house is haunted and blames the occurrences on a ghost. Aware that his mother would have a fit over the house’s wrecked state, he rids himself of the situation and goes to his grandmother’s house to avoid punishment.