Puru, the Brave Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


When Alexander captures the brave king Puru, he is impressed with the Indian king’s valour and decides to treat him like one king should treat another king.


Alexander: The King of Macedonia who conquered Greece, Persia, etc.

Puru: A King of northern India

Four Greek generals and six soldiers

Indian Tigers

At his camp on the banks of the Jhelum, Alexander is sitting on a high chair and his four generals are sitting on low chairs. Two Greek soldiers are standing at the door. They are discussing the recent battle of Jhelum in which they captured Puru. They are impressed by the valour of the Indians with which they fought in the battle like tigers. Alexander and his generals praise the Indian soldiers, however, they believe that the Indian generals are still following the old methods of warfare. Their battle plans are faulty and they depend too much upon their elephants. 

Next, they compliment Puru and his bravery. He continued to fight even when others had left the field. Because he was extremely injured, they were able to capture him. A soldier escorts Puru but Alexander first orders for the chains to be removed. Alexander despised putting a brave man in chains. Puru enters with four Greek soldiers following him. Alexander and the generals stand up to greet him. Puru too greets them. Alexander and Puru converse for a while, Alexander understands that Puru is a proud man but he respects this pride.

 When Alexander asks how he should treat Puru, who is his prisoner, the Indian king states that he should treat him like one king should treat another king. Impressed with Puru’s bravery and pride, Alexander proposes to form a friendship between the two. Puru agrees but on the condition that his kingdom should remain independent and Alexander should treat him as an equal. Alexander agrees and Puru promises his best to be worthy of the friendship of Alexander the Great.


Alexander the Great valued bravery and respected each brave soldier and king regardless of the fact that they were his enemies. He understood their worth and agreed to peace when he could. Puru was a brave king and he decided to stand against an intruder who tried to seize his kingdom. They were both wise men to form a friendship and avoid more bloodshed.