My Trip to the Moon Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


When an unexpected visitor in a white suit shows up at the window, a tedious study session is transformed into something more fun.

Rhyme Scheme

The poem does not adhere to a definite rhyme scheme however, the use of couplets is abundant throughout. 

Lines 1-8

I was sitting alone in my house,
Studying the structure of a mouse,
My exams were going on,
And science I hadn’t done.
Suddenly the lights went out,
Then I heard a loud burst,
Someone was there, outside,
I went out to look, full of fright.

The child was at home and studying by himself. He was studying the structure of a rat and was preparing for the exam. Suddenly the room turned dark, the power went out. The child then heard a loud sound come from the window. There was someone outside waiting for him. Scared, he still went to investigate the source of the sound.

Lines 9-19

I saw a huge rocket,
And an astronaut in white,
He invited me on a flight to the moon,
We reached there by afternoon.
We jumped around
As we couldn’t walk on the ground.
It was a lot of fun,
I reached home before the setting sun.
My science test went very well,
But no one knows the secret,
Which even now inside me dwells.

He saw something he never expected to see. There, right outside his window was a huge rocket with an astronaut waiting for him. The astronaut called the child for a ride and off they went to explore the moon. They reached the moon by afternoon. The lack of gravity on the moon caused them to jump around as walking was not an option. The child enjoyed himself and had the time of his life. He even managed to return before evening. His science test went great and no one really knows how he managed to excel. He has kept this journey to the moon a secret and it still lingers within him.