The Desire of Death in Islam

To desire for the death is the manner of Allah عزوجل’s men.

Hazrat Umar رضی الله تعلا عنہ would pray after every Nimaz:
“O my Lord! Let me die in your way & in the city of Your Messenger.”

Moreover, all Sahabas & Saints & other men of Allah  عزوجل & the like would love Death.

Hazrat Sayyid-bin-Abi Waqas رضی الله تعلا عنہ sent a letter to the head of pagans (Rustom-bin-Farah Zad) in which it was written:
“I have such a group of persons who love Death as much as a drunk loves the wine.”

Here its a sign that the petulance of wine is liked by one who is the lover of world & Allah عزوجل’s men consider Death as the way to their eternal destiny & hence love it (the Death).

Allah عزوجل’s men desire for final destiny (Heaven) & if they ever desire for life, it is only because of the fact that they want  to earn some more goodness & pray to Allah عزوجل to forgive their earlier sins.

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In Hadees, it is told that if someone desires for death due to the sorrows & griefs of world life, he would be considered as impatient before Allah عزوجل. & verily Allah عزوجل is with those who are patient & not with impatients.

Hence, we should pray to Allah عزوجل to make us pious & we become believers & start loving Death.

Any mistake, on my part, if found, may please be forgiven.


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