What is the Meaning of Taqwa or Abstinence in Islam

Allah عزوجل says in Qur’an in context of abstinence :

“That great dignified book (قرآن),no room for doubt, it has advice for the devout (متقی)” [Al Qur’an 2:1]

Devout (متقی)  is one who adopts abstinence (تقوا).

So what is abstinence or godliness?

Abstinence has a lot of meanings in Islam.

* Abstinence means to warrant the bodily desire (نفس) from worldly fear.

* In Sheriah, to give up the prohibited things & warranting bodily desire from committing sins.

* Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas رضی الله تعلا عنہ said that devout is one who abstains from polytheism (شرک), committing blunders & nasty acts.

* For some, abstinence is to give up persistence over sins & pride on might.

* Some said, devout is one who does not consider himself better than others.

* Some believe that, abstinence is to give up the forbidden practices (حرام کام) & to perform incumbents (فرآض).

* Some said, abstinence is that, your Lord may not find you, where he has forbidden to go.

* For some, abstinence means the obedience of Muhammad صل الله علیه وسلم & Sahabas رضی الله تعلا عنہ.

These all meanings & definitions have aptness & having nothing in contrast to Sheriah.

Taqwa in Islam


Abstinence has various levels.

* Abstinence for commoners is to become a believer & give up polytheism.

* Abstinence for believer (مومن) is to follow the path of Devouts & giving up everything that takes him away from the rememberence of Allah عزوجل.

Hazrat Mutrajjam Qadas Sarah said that  abstinence is of 7 types.

1. Warranting from polytheism.
2. Aloofing from ignorant sects.
3. Warranting from blunders(گناه کبیره).
4. Warranting from sins (گناه صغیره).
5. To wafture (احتراز) from doubts.
6. Warranting from lust
7. To warrant from attraction of others.

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