Benefits of Reading Surah al Baqarah Daily

* Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas (رضی الله تعلا عنی) told that Surah Al Baqarah is the first Surah to be alighted in Madina. (Hazin)

* It is the maxim of Ibn-e-Arabi that in Surah Al Baqarah, there are 1000 facts, 1000 orders & 1000 information.

* There is bounty in its recitation & grief in its omit.

* There is no effect of magicians & magics in a house where this Surah is recited. Satan runs away from that house & cannot enter for three days, where this Surah is recited. (Muslim)


* Behqi & Sayyid Bin Mansur narrated to Hazrat Mugaira that a person never forgets the Qur’an if he recites 10 verses of this Surah everyday before sleeping.
(4 verses of starting;
Ayat-al-Kursi & two succeeding verses; &
4 last verses of this Surah.)

* Tibrani & Behqi narrated to Hazrat Ibn-e-Umar رضی الله تعلا عنہ that Muhammad صل الله علیه وسلم said, “After burying the dead, recite starting verses of this Surah (near head of dead) & its ending verses (near the foot of dead) because Allah عزوجل  promised Muhammad صل الله علیه وسلم to alight such a book that can neither be washed away with water nor goes old.


17th March 2015

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