We Who Love Books Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 8th


Books are a man’s best friend. Ruskin Bond through this poem shares his love for books and although they are old and torn now, he cherishes them just as much as he did when he first got them.


There is something about books that provides solace like no other. The first time you read a story it intrigues you, and every other time you read it you find comfort in it. You know the plot, the characters and the climax and yet it excites you. You seek comfort in its familiarity. They open a whole new magical world, a place where your imagination takes you on enthralling adventures. 

Stanza 1

Some books I'll never give away,
Though old and worn, their binding torn,
Upon my shelves they'll always stay,
Alive, still read, still fresh each dawn,
Their magic moments never gone.

The poet will never give away some books of his. He has read them through and they are old and torn now but still, he plans to keep them. They will forever be found on his shelf and he will continue to read those books and keep their charm alive. Regardless of how many times he reads them, their magic lives on. It never seems to diminish and every time he finds himself once again compelled by the story.

Stanza 2

Familiar friends, these timeless tales
Have been with me since I was ten,
And as I turn their pages once again
I feel and love their old refrain.

The books share stories that are not bound by an era. The books have been with him since he was ten and even now when he reads those pages, he feels that same love he did as a boy. They have become his friends. These books have always been with him.

Stanza 3

Great verse, great thoughts, still stand the test
Of time that's passing by so fast...
These good companions never fail
To give me joy, to nourish me.
We who love books will always be
The lucky ones, our minds set free.

The ideas and language of the books are the true companions. They inspire the poet and give him joy. Those who love books will continue to grow and they are the fortunate ones for they have free minds.