The Old Sage and the Brothers Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 8th


Three brothers are granted 2 wishes each for helping an old sage but with a promise to be fulfilled. 

A Gentleman’s Promise

Once an old rich farmer summoned his three sons- Harry, Raman and Sandeep. The farmer wished to divide his property equally amongst his sons. Three houses and three fields. However, he first wanted each of his sons to prove that he was worthy of receiving the inheritance. He asked them to return in six months with some earnings. Then he would decide if they should be given the fruits of his hard work. The three sons set out in search of work and for a meal, they sat under a banyan tree. 

While they were eating an old sage approached and asked for something to eat. Harry offered the sage a chapatti and as a token of gratitude, the sage gave him a piece of cloth. Harry was confused at first but the sage explained that the cloth is magical and would grant him two wishes. He asked for a big house and ten cows and so he was granted. The sage made him promise to never turn down a poor asking for some milk. Harry eagerly made the promise. The other two brothers continued on their journey with the sage. When they came across a stream, Raman helped the old sage cross the river by carrying him on his back. 

Content, the sage gave him a stick that would grant two wishes. Raman asked for a big house and a poultry farm. His wishes magically appeared before him just like Harry’s.  He too was made to promise to help anyone asking for an egg. Sandeep and the sage came to a desert and sat down for some rest. The old sage requested an exhausted Sandeep to fetch him some water. Sandeep generously complied and after an hour returned with some water. The sage drank the water and blessed Sandeep. He gave Sandeep a piece of rope that would grant two wishes. Sandeep asked for a big house and a field. 

The sage asked Sandeep to promise that he would help any distressed person who asked for food. Sandeep promised he would help. The old sage left. A few days later Sandeep paid a visit to his brothers and noticed that the houses, cows, poultry farm and his brothers had disappeared. As he stood astonished and wondered, he saw the sage approach him. The sage revealed that his brothers failed to keep the promise and did not help the destitute. Hence, whatever had been granted to them was taken away. Sandeep was true to his words so he would enjoy his rewards as long as he kept his promise.


Promises are made to be fulfilled. One is rewarded as long as one keeps their promise. A person’s character is determined by honesty and integrity. Nobody trusts a liar.