The Earth Needs You Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 8th


The rapidly changing world needs a positive change. This poem urges you to make small changes that will ideally impact the world.


The world today is running on limited resources and excess pollution. Plastic is one of the greatest evils prevalent in the present time that is slowly but surely killing the life on this planet. The poem is simple but its purpose is revolutionary. The world existed just fine before the onset of plastic and it can survive without it. People need to understand just how toxic plastic is and they need to replace it with better alternatives.

Stanzas 1-3

The Earth needs you
To change your ways,
Month by month
And day by day.

The changes are easy.
Just look and you'll see
The differences that can be made
By you and by me.

Single-use plastic
Lasts almost forever.
It might be cheap
But it's not very clever.

The earth is a planet of marvels that has housed so many species since the beginning of time. Today, it needs help. This class of civilized sapiens must alter their lifestyle by making simple changes. The poem urges the readers by addressing them as, “you and me” to stop the use of plastic, especially the single-use type.  Although plastic is cheap, it is extremely toxic to the environment. It takes almost an eternity for plastic to degrade. 

Stanzas 4-6

It can end up in oceans, rivers and seas.
The wind sometimes carries it
And it tangles in trees.

When people drop it on the ground,
This is not where it stays,
It travels around.

If people used less,
The better place the world would be.
The future is in your hands;
Cut down and you'll see.

An unfortunate majority of plastic ends up in the oceans and other water bodies drastically affecting marine life. Carried by the winds, it then tangles in trees. When it is disposed of on the streets, it goes around everywhere and creates a mess. If only people reduced its use and chose better and eco-friendly alternatives the world would transform into a beautiful place. The future lies in our hands.