Charge for Love Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 8th


A kind little boy looking for a puppy to shower his love on finds a little mate. They are just the perfect match. 

He Understands Him

A shopkeeper was once selling a few adorable puppies. His signboard attracted a little boy who comes seeking a furry friend. The price for the pups was around $30-$50, way beyond what the lad could offer. With only $2.37 the boy requests to at least be able to take a look. The shopkeeper complies and straight from the doghouse come barrelling Dolly and her four little fur friends.

Behind them, the boy notices another small ball of fur trying to keep up with the others. He hobbles awkwardly and limps. The shop owner explains that the pup lacks a hip socket and is different from the lot. When the boy insists on having this particular pup, the shopkeeper tells him that he can have the pup for free as he is damaged and won’t play like the others. Then, the boy lifts his trousers and reveals that both his legs are supported by metal braces and that he too is specially abled. The boy tells the owner that since he can not run too well himself the poor puppy needs someone who understands him.

This moves the shop owner and he hands over the pup to the boy. Although the owner refuses any payment, the boy insists that he take the whole amount like he would for any other puppy. Just because this one is different, he should not be treated any less. The boy pays the $2.37 and promises to pay the rest in instalments of 50 cents until the amount is fully paid. 


Just because the puppy hobbled and limped, it did not make him any less adorable. The boy was specially-abled and he was kind and understanding. He was compassionate. To determine someone’s value by their physical looks or abilities is utterly wrong.