Safety While Driving Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 8th


Seema, a fifteen years old teenager fascinated with automobiles one day plans to take a spin in her mother’s car discreetly. Things don’t go as planned and she learns a very important lesson.

Accident Awareness

Seema narrates an incident that taught her an important lesson. Seema was always very intrigued by cars and read a lot about them. She thought she knew it all when it came to cars and supposed herself as a safe driver. One day when her mother leaves for Delhi, Seema seizes the opportunity to go for a drive and calls her friend Bhavya. They decide to go to sector 17 which is a shopping plaza and Bhavya takes the lead. She drives the car out of the garage and she was a confident driver. Seema planned to take the steering once Bhavya had reached the end of the road.

Once they reached the end and Bhavya stopped for Seema to take control, two policemen approached them and asked for Bhavya’s license. Being only 14, Bhavya was clearly a minor and did not possess a license. The two girls fell into trouble and their parents were called. The cars were impounded and they were taken to the police station. There the two minors were counselled on the hazards of driving while underage. They could have caused an accident, not only endangering their lives but the lives of others as well. 

A few accident photos were shown to the two of them and after viewing the horrific visuals of a child that passed away in an accident, the two learnt their lesson and vowed to never repeat such a terrible mistake. They decided they would enrol in a driving school and learn when they turned eighteen.


Being versed with auto mechanics does not make you an efficient driver. Driving is a skill that is acquired through extensive practice. Understanding traffic signals and the regulations of the road are crucial. The drivers need to have quick reflexes, be patient, and show consideration. The pedestrians need to exercise patience, caution, and awareness. Always keep in mind that when you’re driving, safety comes first.