To My Country Men Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 9th


“To my Countrymen” is an extract from Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s book “Ignited Minds”,where he has highlighted the importance and power of Imagination,which lies at the heart of the Youth and imagination is the only spirit of life, which makes all the difference between the winners and the losers.

In his book, he dreams of an India governed by leaders who are honest and work of scientists and technologists should be the main focus. According to Dr Kalam it is the power of imagination which is essential in life to become a winner.

Missions are always bigger than organizations and these organizations are always bigger than the individuals who run them. Missions require effort and mind provides the purpose. The second green revolution cannot happen without agricultural scientists, bio technologists and irrigation experts. By working together, we can provide facilities at reasonable prices.

Significance of Aim

Pre-independence helped us to lower the importance of British empire. During the rule of British, Tata brought the Steel Industry to India. Acharya P.C Ray developed the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. And a lot of great institutions came to light. Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya established Banaras Hindu University and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set up Aligarh Muslim University. If we have low aim then we can’t achieve anything.

In the software sector, we have good progress. But almost all of the hardware is imported. We can’t rise on the value scale. India cannot design an operating System that will become a household name in the world of computers. The raw materials such as iron ore and alumina are exported to a larger extent. But we don’t find an international market. Our country has hundreds of defense production Industries but India is not manufacturing battle tank, missiles, air crafts and other equipment.

The reason for all this is we are not in a position to give a new dimension to our style of functioning. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Andra Pradesh are the states performing better than others in the country. Those living away from the cities must also have access to a good education.

Kalam’s Vision

Dr Kalam visited north eastern states Tripura, Assam and to Jharkhand,where he came to know the unexploited potential of these states. Tripura is rich in mineral wealth and also in natural gas. But the transport facilities are not good because of isolation. Even in Jharkhand it is a same.

There is no shortage of resources in Assam but there is unrest among people. To integrate people, we need a focused mission and to channel development funds for improvement. Tripura is rich in mineral wealth and in natural gas. We see rebellion in Assam. Our organizations are full of discussion and debate. The technology conferences are not highlighted due to little progress .

Dr Kalam asks the organizations to take full responsibility and to stop blaming others. Then only we can enjoy the benefits. He asks of the students to get ready to transform India into a developed nation. He says proudly, “Ignite your minds and think big”. He remembers the saying of a teacher who said, “Give me a five-year-old child. After seven years, no god or devil will be able to change the child”.