A Girl Called Golden Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 9th


The poem “A Girl Called Golden” was written by David Bateson. He talks about Betty Cuthbert, a world championship runner. She was a runner and athlete from Australia. She excelled in sprinting, winning three gold medals in the Melbourne Olympics in 1956. Additionally, she won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. The poet claims that her success is solely a result of her persistence and hard work. She had the ambition, and the will to accomplish it enabled her to succeed.

About The Poet

A British actor and comedian, David Bateson. He has voiced Agent 47 since the year 2000 in each of the eight major Hitman games, and is most recognized for doing so. Agent 47 is the primary character in IO Interactive’s stealth video game series. In addition to penning children’s poems, David had a passion for photography and ocean theatre.

Theme Of The Poem

While her companions were playing, Betty was always seen working out by herself. Even in times of physical disparity, she persevered and displayed courage. She had a strong will.  She was aware that she needed to work hard and stay committed. Betty stood out from the crowd, according to her Coach. She was still in her adolescent years when the Olympics came around, and people cheered for her. Her winning three gold medals was a wonderful milestone in her life. The poem’s title is reasonable given the girl’s endurance and hard effort.

Stanza 1

Why did you run
When your schoolmates were walking?
Why did you sprint
If they started to run?
Why did you train
while others were playing?
What was the secret
That made it seem fun?

The poet ponders in the opening verse why she is running while her classmates are jogging. If her peers were running, she would be sprinting. She would workout while her classmates were playing. This demonstrates Betty’s determination and diligence. The poet wondered whether her perseverance was motivated by a secret.

Stanza 2

Was it the feel
of the fresh air and sunshine?
Was it the stir
of the breeze in your hair?
What made the coach
recognize you were special?
Was it because
you had courage to spare?

The first stanza’s concerns are indirectly answered by the poet himself in the second verse. Through the help of questions, the poet brings many things to our notice. Indirectly while asking, he implies that the sunshine and clean air motivate Betty to exercise. She runs because the breeze tangled her hair. Betty exhibited great confidence, according to the poet. That is what made the coach pick her.

Stanza 3

Showing your will
when the muscles were aching,
Long spells of effort
you had courage to spare?
Showing your will
when the muscles were aching,
Long spells of effort
could only be earned.

The poet discusses her struggle and endeavours in the third verse in order to achieve glory. Despite the pain in her muscles, she persisted in her attempt. She paid little attention to the people’s criticism and solely focused on her goal.

Stanza 4

Time slipped away
then came the Olympics;
Still in your teens
but spurred on by the cheers;
Glory at last – 
as you gained your gold medals,
 A time to remember 
the rest of your years.

When the Olympics rolled around, she was still in her teenage years and received support from others. She took home gold in these competitions where people cheered for her. It was a triumphant time in her life. It was time to reflect on the remaining years she had worked so hard for.