The Collectors Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 9th


The tale of a bunch of aliens that attempted to kidnap humans is told in the chapter “The Collectors.” Scenes are used as the writing style for the chapter. Pete, Carol, Wayne, Miss Swann, and Mr. Hunt are among a few characters.

Scene 1

The first scene takes place in a bleak area. The kids and the teachers went on an adventurous trek together. It was pouring quite intensely. The children were drenched in water, so Miss Swan asks Mr. Hunt to wait while she searches for a shelter. Mr. Hunt, however, declined and said that there isn’t any shelter nearby. Pete suddenly notices a lonely house. Mrs. Jones observes that it has an odd appearance. They all decide to try their luck by requesting for accommodation.

Scene 2

The kitchen of the house they find is the setting for the second scene. First through the door came Mrs. Brown. She claimed to have hung all of the wet clothing on the porch. Everyone introduced themselves, and Mrs. Brown cooperated in providing them with comfort and a seat. She was also gracious enough to offer everyone tea.

Scene 3

Mrs. Brown asked them to enter the kitchen as each of them requested tea. The kids suddenly fell silent for a second and looked around. They noticed that despite it being quite windy outside and how calm it was inside, there was no wind noise. Everyone had a weird chilly feeling. Wayne was the one calling attention to all the ordinary items that were missing. He attempts to open a cabinet, but it is empty. Pete, another boy, opens the refrigerator but discovers nothing. Although everyone begs them not to pry, some of the kids can’t help but notice the bizarre things.

Scene 4

A couple of them began to have second thoughts about seeking shelter at the house, but the rest were opposed, claiming that they would be utterly wet. Mrs. Brown returned to the room where the kids were all playing and asked how everything was going. Dawn signals to Wayne that she just saw the cupboard’s door is open. Wayne showed his interest in learning where they stored their belongings.

Mrs. Brown said that they hadn’t had time to set up their home because they had just moved in. She subtly cautioned Wayne to leave the cupboard doors alone. 

Carol spotted something when she shut the doors that alarmed her. Both of Mrs. Brown’s hands had seven fingers! She had oddly coloured eyes, which Pete and Glenn observed. Everyone assumed that she was a vampire. Dawn didn’t think they were real and assumed they were only scaring the other kids. Pete advises that they talk to Mr. Hunt about their thoughts and what they observed.

Dawn urged Wayne to stop looking into the cupboards, but he persisted. Wayne ignores the warning and continues to open the door. To his astonishment, he discovers huge electronics behind the door, including dials, digital readouts, colored lights, and other apparatus. When Carol examined the items, she remarked that they were written in a foreign language. When they heard someone approaching, they slammed the door in panic. The door was closed, but it didn’t actually shut. 

Scene 5

Pete had gone to speak with Mr. Hunt, but he returned with the strange report that Mr. Hunt had been looking blankly for a long time. With Mrs. Jones and Miss. Swann, it was the same. It seemed like Mr. and Mrs. Brown were hissing and clicking. The youngsters attempt to leave the house out of fear but discover that it is locked and that there is no key. They attempted to break the glass with a stick, but that failed too. Mrs. Brown approaches them with a platter of orange juice as they are engaged in escaping. She inquires about their intentions.

Pete, who is terrified, questions her about what she did to their professors. Mrs. Brown notices the cabinet door open once more. This time, she says that it is her husband’s stuff because he is a scientist. She provides a convincing justification for the events, and some of the children appear to accept it. Mrs. Brown, however, is enraged by the kids’ remarks about the house. Pete believes she drugged all of their professors before getting into an argument with her and asking her to summon them outside.

The kids demand to be let out. Mrs. Brown consents to go look for one of their teachers and bring them out. Pete forbids anybody from consuming the drinks she made for the group. Although Mrs. Brown shrugs them off, the kids try to rush for the door. They are flung across the kitchen in the air. She is not scared despite the children’s warnings about the cops. The children are informed by Mrs. Brown and her husband that they will be brought to their planet of origin.

They have the freedom to transform their home into whatever creature they want. It would shortly be transformed into a spacecraft. She encourages the children to drink because it will help them take off. Pete took out a stick and threatened to destroy all of their tools. The children were out of control, so Mrs. Brown instructs her husband to remain still. But Mr. Brown egotistically rejects being humiliated by innately inferior beings. Mrs. Brown feared that if they destroyed the machinery, they would remain stuck on the planet for all time. Due to this, Mrs. Brown helps kids on how to open the door while Mr. Brown goes to get their professors.

Glenn receives a signal from Pete to destroy the apparatus if she tries to act smart at all. Pete and Glenn are left with Mr. and Mrs. Brown when Mr. Brown orders all the adults outside, and the kids follow suit. The two aliens are intimidated by Pete and Glenn, who then safely escape.

Final Scene: A bit later, the Moorland.

They all reach outside, where it is entirely sunny and clear. The house had disappeared in an abrupt darkness. To ensure everyone’s safety, Mr. Hunt advises that they report the incident. The rest of the group, however, disagrees that the tale will be disbelieved.