Monday Morning Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 9th


“Monday Morning”by Mark Twain revolves around the story of a school boy,Tom Sawyer,who was feeling miserable when Monday Morning started and he felt nervous because he thought another week started and he had to suffer in school. After Sunday, it was very painful for him to go to school on Monday. Actually the problem was that he did not like going to school and to avoid it, he tried few tactics. He thought to pretend himself as sick so that he could stay home from the school. But he had to find reasons for his illness. He looked at himself if he had any ailments like stomach ache, toothache, etc. He thought to show his family members that his stomach was aching but it had a little success because after some time he actually did not feel stomach ache at all but one of his upper front teeth was really hurting him. He was about to begin to groan but he planned to keep this idea for the future because if he would have told about his loose tooth, his aunt would pull it out and that would hurt him. So he kept this plan for future He searched for another plan.

Tactics to Avoid School

He eagerly drew his sore toe from under the sheet,which seemed to him a promising ailment (painful disease). Now he had to produce the symptoms. However, at last, he thought of falling to groan on the bed. First, he wanted his brother, Sid to tell his aunt about his ailment. Tom groaned louder and imagined that he began to feel pain in the toes. He shocks Sid to get up from the bed. He groaned louder and louder. This plan seemed to his work well. At last Sid woke up. As he was waking up Tom began to groan again and again. Sid in wonder asked Tom what the matter was with him. He pretended to groan again. Sid thought Tom was about to die so he went to inform the auntie.

He informed the her that Tom was about to die. Auntie was tensed to know about it so she went to Tom immediately. She asked him what the matter was with him. After analysing the situation she understood his plan because it had no sense.So, she asked him to stop that nonsense.Tom soon stopped groaning and pain disappeared from the toe. Then he used his another plan that was tooth pain. Auntie asked him what the matter was with a tooth.He was asked to open his mouth so that she could lose his tooth and pull it. Tom understood the situation that would bring him to hurt to his tooth. Understanding the situation, he told his aunt that she should not do anything to his tooth and he would not stay at home from school. Dental instruments were brought to the room where Tom was in. With the help of those instruments, auntie made Tom’s tooth loose and pulled it out. Then she told him that his tooth was out and he should go to school. She warned him not frighten her like that.