The Peacock and the Crow Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


‘The Peacock and the Crow’ is a short, thought-provoking story. It teaches an important lesson in life by detailing on the actions of a crow. 

About the Author:

Information about the author is unknown.


The theme of this story is self-acceptance. Through the crow, the importance of accepting who we are as we are is starkly highlighted here.


The Peacock Feathers:

The story begins with a crow who despised his own physical appearance. He bemoaned the blackness of his feathers to his friends. Suddenly, seeing peacock feathers, he becomes ecstatic for he always wanted to be as beautiful as a peacock. Sticking them to his body, he felt immensely proud, ignoring and insulting his friends because of his self-imposed superiority.

The Humiliation:

He then went to live among the peacocks, who laughed in his face knowing that he was not one of them. Dejected, the crow returned to his friends, hoping they would like his new feathers. They didn’t, remembering how he had slighted them. They laughed at him too because of learning the story of his humiliation. 

The Wise Crow:

A wise crow came up to him and explained how it is important for one to accept themselves for what they are and be content with their physical appearance. Moreover, he explains how peacock feathers and much heavier and would unable a crow to fly should it have it for a crow is a crow. 


Realizing his error, the crow got rid of his peacock feathers. He apologized to his friends, who welcomed him back with open arms now. Thus, one should never be ashamed of what they are and must be proud of what they have.