Playing Kabaddi Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


‘Playing Kabaddi’ is a short prose piece. As the title suggests, it details on the sport Kabaddi and India’s prowess of the same. 

About the Author:

Information about the author is unknown. 


The theme of this prose is sports. It details on the importance of sports, Kabaddi in particular as it is a sport that originated from and is popular in India. Its health benefits have also been highlighted. 


A Team Sport:

The text begins with how important sports are in one’s life and how Kabaddi is one particular sport particular to India. Then, it details on the nuances of the game, stating how it requires the player to have good control of their breath and team coordination. With seven members per team, the game requires the players to hold their breath and say Kabaddi constantly while touching the other team’s players in order to win. Failing this, they lose. 


A popular game in Punjab, it is now gaining international recognition. The International Kabaddi Federation holds Kabaddi tournaments, starting from 2004 World Cup. 


Open to both men and women, this indoor game is one that is highly entertaining. Being an Indian sport, it is thus no surprise that India does exceptionally well in these tournaments.