The Farmhouse Cows Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


‘The Farmhouse Cave’ is a short story adapted from ‘Five O’ Clock Tales’ written by Enid Blyton. It revolves around a young boy named Rajinder and his fear of cows. The story traces how he subsequently overcomes it with the help of his mother.

About the Author:

Information about the author is unknown.


The theme of this short story is fear of animals. The act of children often fearing certain animals in their childhood and how they are indeed harmless is highlighted in this story. 


The Farm:

The story begins with Rajinder, a young boy, ecstatic over the farm his parents had bought in a village they were moving to from the city. Rajinder marvels are how refreshingly different it was and counts all the animals there excitedly. When he tells of this to his mother, he neglects talking about the cows for he was afraid of them. He shares that this was so because they had scary horns and ‘roared at him’.

Cow, the Friend:

His mother corrects him that it is the lion that roars and proceeds to state that they provide delicious gifts. Throughout the day, she makes Rajinder understand that his fear of cows is unfounded for by listing the tasty foods cows can provide us with. She first starts with milk of the cows, fresh cream which Rajinder eats with his apples and finally, cheese, which he eats with his bread.


A surprised Rajinder finally understands what a wonderful animal the cow is. He promptly states that he would go and thank them and ever since, he calls cows his friends!