The Cracked Pot Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


‘The Cracked Pot’ is short, thought-provoking story. It revolves around two pots and a kind water-bearer, teaching an important lesson in life. 

About the Author:

Information about the author is unknown.


The theme of this short story is self-acceptance. It was important for the cracked pot to realize that there was more to it than its crack. What it itself considered a flaw gave life to beautiful flowers!


The Apology:

The story begins with a water-bearer in India routinely carrying two pots of water to his master’s house every day.  However, one of the pots was cracked, ensuring that the water-bearer could deliver only one and a half pots of water everyday for two years. While the first pot was proud, the second was ashamed of itself. It apologized to the water-bearer for being flawed.

The Kind Water-Bearer:

The water-bearer, however, did not want the cracked pot to apologize to him. He asked it to notice the path they took the next day. When the cracked pot did, it noticed beautiful flowers growing along the way, just on its side. When it continued to apologize, the water-bearer explained. He said that when he noticed that the pot was cracked, he planted seeds along the way. He further stated that had it not been the cracked pot’s nature to leak, this wouldn’t have been possible. 


Through the cracked pot, the story brings out an important life lesson. What one finds as a fault in themselves can produce beautiful things when given a chance. One should never feel less of themselves because they feel that those around them are ‘perfect’ and accept them for who they are.