The Lake of the Moon Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


‘The Lake of the Moon’ is a short, thought-provoking story. It revolves around the herd of elephants and the thoughtless havoc they wreaked on the small rabbits, how they wittily handled the situation in return. 

About the Author:

Information about the author is unknown. 


The theme of this story is wisdom. The rabbits, despite being much smaller in size, cleverly used their intelligence to solve the crisis that befell their colony. 


The Drought:

In a jungle, severe drought struck, leading the animals living there to die of thirst. The concerned Elephant King sought out his herd in search of water. Soon, one of the elephants found another lake in a different jungle and the herd made their way over their happily. However, in the process, they crushed thousands of rabbits, making them afraid for their life.

The Clever Messenger:

The King of Rabbits was agitated. He asked his colony for solutions to save them. A little rabbit volunteered to go as a messenger to the King of Elephants to sort out the issue. He thus went and proclaimed to the Elephant King that he was a messenger from the moon. He further states that the moon was highly displeased with the fact that the elephants had killed so many rabbits, rabbits which have been under its protection. 


The Elephant King, realizing his mistake, set out to apologize to the moon, a reflection in the lake that is. The rabbit however cleverly states ripple formed in the water thus was a pollution of the holy waters, thus ensuring that the elephants never came their way. Fooled thus, they never did return, proceeding to live happily on their own. Thus, wisdom can save lives in the face of huge perils.