My Furry Friend Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 6th


‘My Furry Friend’ is a short poem. It details on the poet persona’s pet dog whom they call to be their ‘furry friend’. 

About the Poet:

This poem is written by eminent poet Vandana Lunyal.


The theme of this poem is love one has for their pet. Here, with a detailed description of their pet dog, the poet persona reveals how much they love their pet.


This poem is divided into seven stanzas consisting of four lines each. It follows the rhyme scheme ‘aabb’ in each stanza. 

Stanza 1:

I brought home a puppy 
He looked very happy! 
Soft brown eyes! 
Is very small in size 

The poem begins with the persona bringing home a puppy, making it their pet. The pet, the persona states, had looked very happy. It had soft, brown eyes and being the puppy that it was, was very small.

Stanza 2:

Black and white 
Sleeps day and night 
As small as a rat, 
But has a tummy, so fat! 

The puppy, which is black and white, is not unlike an infant as he grows. HE is very small, almost like a rat and sleeps and eats a lot, making him fat as well!

Stanza 3:

 Always ready to fight 
And happy to bite 
Nibbles like a mouse 
Eats whatever he finds in the house. 

The puppy is quite wild, ready to fight and bite the persona. He is now compared to a mouse that only nibbles the food it finds in the persona’s house, being small that it was.

Stanza 4:

 He makes a funny noise 
When he tears down his toys 
He loves to be part of the fun 
And listens to our conversation. 

He enjoys tearing toys as is his nature. A fun loving puppy, he listens as the persona engages in conversations with other persons attentively. 

Stanza 5:

He comes and sits between us. 
And makes a fuss 
You ask him to go 
He growls loudly to say NO. 

As is the tendency of puppies, the puppy plops itself between the persona and their partner, making a fuss as well. However, when asked to go, he becomes angry and growls out a decisive no!

Stanza 6:

Now fully grown, 
His forehead has a frown 
If you touch his food 
He spoils his mood. 

The puppy is no longer a puppy now, all grown to become a full-fledged dog with a frown on his face. He is now very protective of his food, flying into a foul mood should his food be touched by others. 

Stanza 7:

He loves to eat 
Always hungry for meat 
He is quick on his feet 
When you give him a treat.

As when he was a puppy, he loves to eat even now, his favourite being any type of meat. He is seen to get both excited and happy when given a treat of the same. 


This is a heartwarming poem. It traces the endearing antics of a dog, how it makes one a perfect pet, a joy to behold.