Changes of Pronoun in Narration Change with Examples


In narration pronouns should be changed while converting direct to indirect or indirect to direct speech. Pronoun change occurs from first or second to third person. But third person pronouns (he/she/they/it) in reported clause don’t change. Another exception is that if the speaker reports his own words, there would not be any kind of change in the pronoun.  

Singular first person pronouns

Direct speechIndirect speech


  1. He said, “It is the best gift I ever received.’
    He said that it was the best gift he had ever received.
  2. Nitu said, “It is my birthday today.” 
    Nitu said that it was her birthday that day.
  3. She said, “It is mine.”
    She said that it was hers.

Plural first person pronouns

Direct speechIndirect speech
Us Them 
Our Their 
Ours Theirs 


  1. Kajol said, “We are buying a new car.”
    Kajol said that they were buying a new car.
  2. The girls said, “Please, help us.”
    The girls requested to help them.
  3. The boys asked, “Where is our parents?”
    The boys asked where their parents were. 

Second person pronouns

Direct speechIndirect speech
You He/she/they  
You Him/her/them 
Your His/her/their  


  1. The teacher said to the boy, “Did you do your homework?”
    The teacher asked the boy if he had done his homework. 
  2. The man asked Mina, “Have you done this?”
    The man asked mina if she had done that.  
  3. Her classmates said to Puja, “The Principal is calling you.”
    Her classmates told puja that the principal was calling her.