20 Easy Examples of Indirect Speech

Some easy examples of Indirect speech in different types of sentence are given below. These examples will help you to understand the structure and characteristics of Indirect speech well.

Table of Contents

Indirect Speech of Assertive sentence Examples

  1. Dipu said that she was ill.
  2. Puja said to Saheli that she liked reading books.
  3. Bhim told Raju that he was his best friend.
  4. Krishna told Balarama that he was going to kill the snake.
  5. Doraemon said to Nobita that he had a gadget. 

Indirect speech of Interrogative sentence Examples

  1. The teacher asked me if I could give answer to the question.
  2. The good man inquired if I was okay.
  3. The sister asked her brother whether he had seen her doll.
  4. Mr. Boss asked where I was going.
  5. My mother asked if I needed her help.

Indirect speech of Imperative sentence Examples

  1. Atul ordered Raja to find the weapons.
  2. Rita requested her mother to buy her a doll.
  3. My sister proposed we should go to the amusement park.  
  4. The sadhu advised us to believe in god.
  5. The painter advised me to draw more to become a good artist.

Indirect speech of Exclamatory sentence Examples

  1. The priest prayed that god might bless us.
  2. The tourists exclaimed with wonder that the place was very beautiful.
  3. My father expressed with sorrow that he had lost his money.
  4. The student wished to get good marks in exam.
  5. The man wished that he might win a lottery.