20 Easy Examples of Direct Speech

Some easy examples of direct speech are given below. Attentively look at the use of punctuation marks, pronouns, proper nouns and type of sentences in the examples.

Table of Contents

Direct Speech Assertive Sentences Examples

Assertive sentence makes statement. It can be about a speaker’s thoughts and feelings or about day to day events, etc. assertive sentence always ends with full stop. 

  1. Tom said, “I have a dog.”
  2. The fisherman said, “I am going to catch a fish.”
  3. Manasi said, “I am ill today.”
  4. Debi said, “I will go to Calcutta tomorrow.”
  5. Rakesh told Amit, “We were listening to music.”

Direct Speech Interrogative Sentence Examples

Interrogative sentence asks question. We can form interrogative sentence with WH-question, yes/no question. Interrogative sentence in direct speech always ends with question mark.

  1. The man said to him, “What is your name?”
  2. I said to Rana, “Where are you going?”
  3. The teacher said to Arun, “Can you stand up?”
  4. My friend said to me, “Have you seen Taj Mahal?”
  5. Ritu said, “Do you have a pen?” 

Direct Speech Imperative sentence Examples:

We use imperative sentence to give order, advice, to instruct or to request something.

  1. Mother told me, “Do your homework.”
  2. Father said, “Study more for your exam.”
  3. Ranju said, “Please, come with me.”
  4. The dwarf said to snow white, “Do not eat the apple.”
  5. The commander said to the soldiers, “Protect our country.”

Direct Speech in Exclamatory Sentence Examples

Exclamatory sentence is used to convey or express emotions like joy, sorrow, pity, fear, wish etc. In case of Direct speech, exclamatory mark is used to show and stress on emotions in exclamatory sentence.  

  1. The boys said, “Hurray! We won the match.”
  2. The old lady told the girl, “Alas, my cat has died.”
  3. She said, “What a sight it was!”
  4. The neighbour told the mother, “What an adorable baby you have!”
  5. The teacher said, “ What an intelligent boy!”