The Midnight Visitor Summary by Robert Arthur

The story revolves around three characters, two rival spies named Ausable and Max and one mystery writer Fowler. Ausable is a chubby, lethargic, messy and clumsy man while Max is slender and rugged. The story is a short but intriguing insight into the life of a spy which may not be as glamorous as in the movies … Read more

The Book That Saved the Earth Summary

The story is set in the distant 25th Century where a historian is narrating a tale of past glories. She is especially excited about the 20th Century which was also called as the ‘the century of books”. The name was not just because there were many excellent books written in that era but particularly due to … Read more

Albert Einstein at School Summary by Patrick Pringle

The story centres around one of the brightest minds to have contributed to the progress of Science and discovery, Albert Einstein. The setting is from his childhood days when he lived in Germany and has characters like his cousin Elsa and only friend Yuri. Einstein & Mr. Braun One day in his history class, Einstein’ … Read more

Landscape of the Soul Summary by Nathalie Trouveroy

Introduction The story highlights the different sense of aesthetic and desires of artists in the western and eastern hemispheres. While the western eye craves for exact replication and reproduction of life forms in a mere physical manner, the artists in the East want an active and emotional engagement with the craft. They want the audience … Read more

In the Kingdom of Fools Summary by RK Ramanujan

The story is of a place that was infamous for the dimwittedness of its people and ruler. The king and his minister were especially dumb as they made laws that defied common sense and rational thought. They decided to order every person to sleep during the day and call it ‘night’. On the other hand, … Read more

Footprints Without Feet Summary

The story revolves around a unique scientific discovery that completely changes the life of the protagonist named Griffin. A man of refined scientific expertise he develops a drug that can make a man disappear. It offers invisibility to the naked eye as long as the consumer of the drug is completely nude. With great power … Read more

A Letter to God Summary by Gregorio Lopez Fuentes

Lencho is a hard-working farmer who lives in a beautiful valley. He is a committed husband and devoted father and always gives his best to provide for his young family. In the midst of the valley, he has prepared his fields of corn and kidney beans and is waiting for the rain to replenish the … Read more

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary by Colin Dexter

The riveting tale revolves around the life of a thief names James R. Evans who is known to frustrate the law enforces and escape from prisons. He had achieved the feat on three previous occasions so when he was transferred to Oxford prison, the Governor of the prison made sure that he was not getting out of there. … Read more