Footprints Without Feet Summary

The story revolves around a unique scientific discovery that completely changes the life of the protagonist named Griffin. A man of refined scientific expertise he develops a drug that can make a man disappear.

It offers invisibility to the naked eye as long as the consumer of the drug is completely nude. With great power comes greater responsibility and it is here Griffin falls into a life of mischief and trouble.

He lives in the city of London and is frustrated by the constant nagging of his landlord. He does not get along with his landlord and so he devises a scheme to make him suffer.

Using his invisibility drug, he sneaks into the house and burns it down to ashes. Unregistered by anyone he makes an easy escape.

However, he soon finds himself suffering as he was stark naked in the middle of nowhere with a wintry night to survive.

In order to save his life, he breaks into a clothing store and scores himself a nice warm pair of clothes. However, one crime leads to another, and he ends up stealing cash from the store reserves.

When the guard opens the store in the morning he finds Griffin with the stolen money but Griffin manages to escape again.  

Homeless and on the run, he finds refuge in a new place. He boards a train to a village named Iping. He uses the stolen money to afford himself a comfortable stay a motel/inn.

However, his stash runs empty soon and he is again in need of money to pay rent and procure other supplies. Consequently, he decides to steal from a man of Church (Clergyman).

When he pays the rent to the owners Mr and Mrs Hall, they suspect some misdoing and so they search his room for some clue. They are stopped in their tracks by Griffin who appears out of thin air.

He is covered in bandages and wearing glasses and a hat. When questioned about the money, he gets nervous. The owners call the police and this makes Griffin really anxious.

In order to save his tail, he removes his hat, eyewear and bandages and his head disappears instantly. There are gasps of horror from the onlookers and they freeze with death. The policeman tries to get hold of the headless figures.

A scuffle breaks out to apprehend the criminal. In the end, now invisible Griffin is able to fend the policeman off and escape. The policeman is left licking his wounds. All that is left are his footprints without any feet.