The Binding Vine Summary by Shashi Deshpande

Introduction Like her other feministic works, this also voices the angst and oppression suffered domestically or publicly by women who are judged with an unfair standard when it comes to the prism of honor, privilege, conduct, rights, duties, and abilities. Story of Urmi The story revolves around a female protagonist name Urmi. The story begins … Read more

Dead Stars Analysis by Paz Marquez Benitez

Dead Stars Symbolism The ‘Dead Stars’ represent a presence that is unrecognized. It speaks of emotions and relationships that may exist but are not realized and lose their real meaning and significance. In the story, the attraction between Alfredo and Julia is a forbidden and taboo phenomenon. They both felt is to be real but … Read more

The Enemy Summary by Pearl S. Buck

Sadao Hoki – The Surgeon This is a story of triumphant compassion that rises above petty differences, obscure biases, and incurable hatred. The story revolves around a surgeon named Sadao Hoki. Born in Japan, his first hero was his father who toiled for his son’s needs and bright future. Young Sadao goes to America to learn … Read more

Quality by John Galsworthy Summary & Analysis

Gessler: The Shoemakers The story is about two siblings, German shoemakers who were known for their shoe-manship. They ran a rustic and traditional place and made bespoke boots as per a specific order. Their quaint shop had a small display of their finest works. It was titled after their family name. The story is written from the perspective of a loyal … Read more

The Refugee Summary by Pearl S. Buck

A Recent Flood The story is set in China where a recent flood has caused mass relocation and uprooting of a complete population of peasants from their lands and home. In the fallout of such catastrophe, they are forced to trudge forlornly towards the alien contours of the capital city and its very different life. … Read more

Memories of Childhood Summary

‘Memories of Childhood’ is actually a tale with two real-life stories of women named Zitkala Sa (Native American) and Bama (Tamilian Dalit). The Cutting of My Long Hair The story foregrounds the racial hate and atmosphere of otherness that existed toward American Indians or Native Americans in America. The protagonist Zitkala Sa (Simmons) is a Native American … Read more