The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary

The story The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse by William Saroyan highlights the virtues of honesty, accountability, compassion and owing up to one’s mistakes. Aram and Mourad The protagonists of the story are two consanguineous siblings, Aram and Mourad. Aram is a young and happy boy while Mourad is his older and mischievous cousin. He is likened … Read more

The Portrait of A Lady Summary by Khushwant Singh

The story The Portrait of A Lady depicts the bond of the familial relationship between a grandmother and her son. The grandson (author) lives with his grandmother in their village house. Life in Village His parents have moved to the city and for the time being, he is under the guardianship of her widowed grandmother. She … Read more

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary by John Updike

Introduction The story of Should Wizard Hit Mommy revolves around a small family with Jack the father, Claire the mother, Jo, the daughter and Bobby, the son. The family is also expecting a new baby and lives a normal life of togetherness and warmth. Jo & Bedtime Stories The eldest kid, Jo or Joanne is four … Read more

Midsummer by Manuel Arguilla Summary

Introduction The story of Midsummer is one of the revered works in the Philippines. It is thematically based on the powers of attraction and gravitation that exist between two strangers, a young maiden, Mahinhin Filipina named Ading and a young Binata boy named Manong. An Unforgettable Encounter The unforgettable encounter takes place in a rural setting … Read more

The Tiger King Summary by Kalki

Dire Future of Prince The story is set in the kingdom of Pratibandapuram. The infant prince is marked at birth with a dire prophecy of being wounded to death by an animal. Worried by the prediction, the prince learned to conquer his demons. He is raised with a silver spoon and trained in the best mannerisms and etiquettes. … Read more

On The Face Of It Summary by Susan Hill

Introduction The story speaks about two individuals, who meet unfortunate odds but develop different attitudes while facing those odds. The two persons are Derry, a young acid-attack victim, and Mr. Lamb a much older man who lost his limb in a blast. Through the contrast in the outlook of both these survivors, the author tries … Read more

Roots and Shadows Summary by Shashi Deshpande

Read this article to know about Roots and Shadows Summary by Shashi Deshpande. Roots and Shadows Summary The story revolves around the female protagonist Indu and uses the first person narrative. The story foregrounds the dynamics in an Indian, Brahmin, joint family and all its conflicts, compromises and peculiarities. Indu’s mother dies at childbirth and his … Read more

The Binding Vine Summary by Shashi Deshpande

Introduction Like her other feministic works, this also voices the angst and oppression suffered domestically or publicly by women who are judged with an unfair standard when it comes to the prism of honor, privilege, conduct, rights, duties, and abilities. Story of Urmi The story revolves around a female protagonist name Urmi. The story begins … Read more