The Midnight Visitor Summary by Robert Arthur

The story revolves around three characters, two rival spies named Ausable and Max and one mystery writer Fowler. Ausable is a chubby, lethargic, messy and clumsy man while Max is slender and rugged.

The story is a short but intriguing insight into the life of a spy which may not be as glamorous as in the movies but still full of danger and suspense.

Ausable meets Fowler, a writer fascinated by spies and secrets. Ausable was expecting a sensitive document to arrive that night and so asks Fowler to follow him through the night. 

Disappointed at Ausable’s appearance and mannerisms, Fowler agrees to do the same. Suddenly, Ausable gets a phone call regarding someone who had entered his hotel room. Alarmed but not overly worried he beckons Fowler to follow him to his room.

The room was in the 6th floor. As they enter the room, they are startled by a pistol-toting individual staring at them. It is Max, the rival spy of Ausable. He asks them to enter and lock the room.

He threatens Ausable and warns him to hand over the documents to him as soon as they arrive at his room later that night. Playing rather composed Ausable sits down and complains about the balcony window that he thought Max used to break into his room.

Max claims that he used the master key to get inside and had he known about the balcony he would have used that instead. Ausable reiterates that he had complained to the management about the balcony window several times and has had previous break-ins. 

Fowler was listening to the conversation intently. Suddenly there is loud clamor at the door. Ausable suggests that it must be the police that he had arranged to safe keep the documents.

Max is gets anxious and asks Ausable to turn them away while he hides in the balcony. He threatens to shoot if he smells any trickery. As soon as Max leaps outside the window he yells out of horror as he crashes to the road below.

The room had no balcony after all. Next, the door opens and Fowler sees a waiter holding Ausable’s drinks rather any policeman. Fowler is relieved and impressed by Ausable’s presence of mind. He realizes that looks can truly be deceiving.