A Letter to God Summary by Gregorio Lopez Fuentes

Lencho is a hard-working farmer who lives in a beautiful valley. He is a committed husband and devoted father and always gives his best to provide for his young family.

In the midst of the valley, he has prepared his fields of corn and kidney beans and is waiting for the rain to replenish the soil and reap healthy harvest this year.

One day while waiting for his wife calls him and the boys in to have dinner. As soon as they step inside, the rain-laden clouds appear over the mountains. Lencho goes out to enthrall in the falling droplets which he calls as falling coins.

But soon his delight turns into despair as the rain is followed by a severe hailstorm. In a matter of hours, his entire field and its crops are covered by white hailstones. There is not a single crop left unscathed. 

Lencho’s heart sinks into melancholy. His wife encourages him to keep faith in God, who helps those in need and feeds the hungry. Lencho is a truly faithful person as well.

He decides to ask for divine help, literally through a written appeal. He takes a paper and scribbles his appeal for 100 pesos and addresses it to ‘God’.

He carries the letter to the town post office himself and affixes the postage stamp to make it official. Then he lingers back to his village house in the valley.

Back at the post office, a postman collects the letter and brings it to the notice of his postmaster. They both are amused by the address on the letter but soon realize and admire the sheer strength of faith in Lencho’s words.

They read the letter and realize his predicament as well. Trying to preserve Lencho’s resolute faith and in the process help a desperate man, the entire post office contributes their share to pool money for the farmer. They are able to scrounge up 70 pesos and put it inside an envelope with a letter signed by ‘God’.

The next weekend when Lencho arrives at the post office to collect his letter from ‘God’, he is not surprised at all to see it there. He takes it and leaves.

But, he returns soon afterward. He is visibly disturbed and searches for a piece of paper and ink. He then writes something on the paper and sticks a postage stamp to it and deposits it in the post box.

As soon he leaves, the postman runs back to the post box and opens his new letter. In the letter, Lencho informs God that he only got 70 percent of the money that ‘God’ had sent him as the wicked and greedy people at the post office stole his 30 pesos.

He further goes on to request God to send the rest of the amount directly to him as he was still in desperate need of divine help.

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