Pet Animals Essay

Domestic pets are very common in every country. In our country, many families are fond of keeping domestic pets. There are many kinds of domestic pets that are not only a source of pleasure but also useful.

Domestic pets are countless birds, including parrots, pigeons, sparrows and peacocks, fall under the category of domestic pets. There are cats and dogs, horses, mules and mares. Then, there are cows, she-buffaloes, rabbits, deer, squirrels and mongoose.

All these are domestic pets. But every family keeps a pet of its own liking. Dogs are common pets in India as well as in the European countries. Europeans are really very fond of keeping dogs. Sometimes, they care for dogs even more than human beings.

Dogs are very faithful. That is why, many people prefer them as domestic pets. Dogs act as protectors of our property and scare away thieves during night. They play very good games as well. Dogs are trained for sports also.

People also keep cats and mongoose at homes. Cats not only save us from rats but also are a source of entertainment. But at the same time, they contaminate eatables.

Peacock is the national bird of India. In some regions of India, peacocks are quite common. In sandy areas, they are very happy. Peacock is a beautiful bird. In Rajasthan, peacocks are kept as domestic pets by most of the families.

Cows and she-buffaloes are very useful for the national economy. The cow is worshipped in India. Hindus call it mother Cow’s milk is very useful. Its dung is used as fuel and manure.

Its urine is used in medicines. Some people eat their flesh. They are known as Beefeaters. But the majority of the people consider beef-eating to be a great sin.

Horses are also very common in India. As they run very fast, they are used for riding and travelling purposes. In battles, horses were very common during ancient times because, in those days, there were no trains and planes. Racers also keep horses.

In villages, the rich people keep horses for going from one place to another. Then, there are mules and assess as well. They are used for carrying loads. They are known as the beasts of burden. Some people keep birds, rabbits, deer and doves in their houses.

These pets really give enjoyment. The twitter of birds enchants the keepers. Parrot is one of the most important domestic pets. This bird can be trained to speak like men Monkeys are also kept by some people. Their gestures and imitations thrill the people.

We can learn many things from the domestic pets. We can know about their food habits and likes and dislikes. They give pleasure and it is also a pastime for many people. Some people keep domestic pets as a hot by.

Their upkeep and care are, no doubt, a costly affair. One will have to devote one’s attention towards their rearing, otherwise they could fall sick or die due to malnutrition or disease.