Essay on Wildlife Conservation

Every year in October we celebrate the Wild Life Week : In that week we are told how important our forests, animals and birds are, for our country. It is sad to know that our wild animals and birds are getting fewer and fewer.

Some people kill them for food. Some kill them for their skins horns, bones and hair or feathers and some wicked people kill them for pleasure. Some catch the beautiful birds and sell them at a great profit.

In this way many of our wild animals and birds may disappear in a few years: Therefore, our government is now taking care to protect wildlife in sanctuaries. More and more trees are planted in these sanctuaries every year. Nobody is allowed to kill or catch animals or birds in a sanctuary.

Our forests, mountains and valleys are rich in many kinds of wild animals and birds. There are about three thousand kinds of animals and birds. Indian is famous for its lions, elephants, black bears, Nilgai, etc. The peacock is the most beautiful and the Koel is the sweetest singer of all birds.

The elephant is the largest and the strongest of all land animals: It lives on grass, leaves etc. It can be trained to help the man in his work. It carries logs of wood by means of its tusks and trunk. We find tame elephants in temples and circuses.

The Government has formed sanctuaries to protect wildlife: There is a sanctuary in the Gir Forest for the lions. The lion is the king of the jungle Tame tigers and lions are shown in a circus. There is a very good sanctuary for wild birds near Madras. There is also a wonderful water-bird sanctuary in Ahmedabad many visitors come from other countries to see the wildlife in our sanctuaries.

In short, we should study the ways and habits of animals and birds: There is a very good book on Indian wildlife with beautiful photographs. it is called Tunngle in Sunlight and Shadow’ and is written by Champion. should protect our wildlife in two ways: First, we should stop the unwise cutting of trees and try creating forests. We should rather grow more and more trees. Secondly, the killing of wild animals and birds should stop under the law.

The question arises why we should be so particular in preserving wild animals and birds when they destroy our crops, eat up our pets and domestic animals grazing in the meadows and forests. The answer is that wildlife should be protected for three reasons : its cultural, scientific and economic value.

From the cultural point of view animals and birds have always been an inseparable part of our mythology, art and literature. If the bull is the ride of Lord Shiva, the Garuda is that of Lord Vishnu, the lion is the ride of the goddess Durga and the elephant is that of god Indra. The Swan is the ride of Saraswati. These wild animals and birds are worshipped by the Indians in their daily life.

From the scientific point of view, too, the animals and birds are very important. They maintain the biological balance in Nature: Birds eat up small insects which destroy our crops and vegetables and fruit. Ants vultures, kites etc., are the scavengers of Nature.

Mostly, there is the economic side of the problem: Birds and animals are our natural wealth. Zoological gardens and museums will be unattractive without them. Sometimes, these wild animals fetch fancy prices. Even the export of monkeys is adding much to our revenue and foreign exchange. Another economic aspect of preserving wildlife is the tourist trade.

Our elephants, lions, tigers, Chitals, Nilgais are a source of great attraction to foreign tourists. In addition to this, wildlife is a source of many valuable things. Many birds and animals are used as medicines. Kasturi which we get from the wild deer is very useful. The fat of the tiger is useful for many diseases caused by cold and wind.

From what has been stated above, it becomes our duty to preserve wildlife