Lost Spring Summary by Anees Jung

Introduction to Lost Spring The text highlights the insufferable trials of youthful lives of children who are forced to lose the days of spring to exploitation and child labour. Even though India provides constitutional protection to children from child labour, it is openly flouted and abused. From begging to rag picking, children are engaged in … Read more

The Destructors by Graham Greene Summary & Analysis

A Post-WW-II Scene The story is set in post-WWII England where the country is still reeling from the destruction of a devastating war. Among the various demolished structures, there is a lavish, old-school building where this tale is set. The house is supported on external supports and uses an external bathroom as the indoor pipes … Read more

The Adventure Summary by Jayant Narlikar

Introduction to The Adventure The tale is about a history professor Mr Gaitonde. The professor was going for a lecture in Bombay from his place when he met with a road accident. He had prepared a lecture on the theory which states how small changes can bring about huge consequences. After the accident, he is … Read more

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary by Robert Kiyosaki

The story puts two different ways of living and earning in contrast with each other. The way the narrator’s father and his best friend’s father work is worlds apart. His father is an honest and principled man but he is poor and does not know to make money. His friend’s father, on the other hand, is … Read more

America is in the Heart Summary by Carlos Bulosan

An Autobiography This is an autobiographical representation of the author’s struggle in his own country of the Philippines and adopted country, the USA. The account begins with the author, named as ‘Allos’ as a five-year-old boy living on a farm with his father. He seems to be frustrated at his fate and moans about the … Read more

A Devoted Son Summary by Anita Desai

This is a tale of complicated familial bonds. The story highlights the change of dynamics when it comes to the relationship between a father and son. Rakesh is the son of a kerosene vendor, Varma. An Ideal Son Varma and his wife are illiterate but they work hard to provide for their son. Rakesh is also … Read more

We are Not Afraid to Die Summary by Gordon Cook & Alan East

The story is about the determination and togetherness of a family that defied the odds and torturous weather to achieve a nearly impossible feat. Their courage and love for each other helped them survive fearsome storm and desperation to survive and finish the journey they set out to complete. Plot Summary of We are Not Afraid to … Read more