The Wooden Cup Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


Old age can be lonely and hard, The Wooden Cup narrates one such heart-warming tale of Robertino and his grandfather. 

Weak Hands

Robertino was a little boy from Italy. He had a deep affection for his grandfather. The old guy and the small boy became companions. Grandfather would tell fantastic stories. Robertino adored sitting on his grandfather’s knee and listening to the stories. When Robertino’s grandma passed away three years ago, grandfather moved in with Robertino’s parents. Robertino’s mother failed to comprehend the old man’s loneliness. 

She was irritated with him on occasion, especially when his hands shook and he dropped anything he was carrying. Grandfather raised his cup to drink his coffee during supper one night. His frail elderly hands trembled so violently that the coffee spilled all over the white tablecloth. The cup split into several pieces as it fell from his grip. Robertino’s mother confronted the elderly gentleman aggressively. Grandfather didn’t say anything in response just stared at her with grief in his eyes. Robertino was dejected by his mother’s actions.

After that, grandfather had to eat alone at a small kitchen table. When he learned about the new arrangement, he was gloomy. Robertino would rush into the kitchen after finishing his dinner to be with the old guy he adored. The kitchen became a lovely place where they would sit and be themselves.

A Cup For Mother

Time passed. Grandfather became frailer as he grew older. His hands became increasingly shaky. His hands shook and he spilled his cup of soup one night as he sat alone in the kitchen. The cup shattered into numerous pieces. Robertino’s parents ran to the kitchen when they noticed the spilled soup on the spotless floor. His mother became more enraged than she had ever been. She explained that the only thing left to do was to offer the old guy a wooden cup. She didn’t want her dishes to be damaged simply because the old man had grown sloppy.

The boy dashed over to the fireplace, where his mother had swept the cup fragments. He carefully selected the pieces and began assembling them. The cup appeared to be complete soon after. He then started chipping a little chunk of wood from the fireplace. As if it were a model, he kept his gaze fixed on the earthen cup. He revealed that he was making a wooden cup for his mother to use when she would grow old.

Robertino’s mother and father were too embarrassed to look him in the eyes. They took grandfather’s arm and escorted him back to the dining room, where they stood close to him and assisted him with his meal. Grandfather never ate alone in the kitchen after that. He took his normal seat in the dining room, close to Robertino. Robertino was once again content. His grandfather was looked after and cherished. Robertino saw that love and kindness were bringing true joy to his parents as well.


Seniors must be treated with respect and love. Growing old is natural and one is bound to become weak with age but treating grandparents harshly or misbehaving with them is not right. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and with love. Our loved one will not always stay with us hence we must cherish the time we have with them and make fond memories.