Master of the Game Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


An old man tired of boys playing gully cricket and disturbing his slumber comes up with a genius solution to get back his peace.

The Old Man’s Trick

An old man from Mumbai had to put up with the bother of boys playing cricket outside his house at night. He went out one evening to talk to the boys when the noise became unbearable. Sharing he was a retired man, he promised to pay the boys 25 rupees per week to play in the street at night. He explained that cricket was his favourite game and he enjoyed watching them play. Upon hearing this the boys were ecstatic. They would be paid for doing something they loved.

They went to the elderly man’s residence at the conclusion of the first week and received their reward.When they asked for payment the following week, he said he ran out of money and sent them off with just 15 rupees. The man said he hadn’t acquired his pension in the third week and just gave them ten rupees. The boys were displeased, but there was little they could do about it.

 The fourth week, the man stated that he could not afford to pay them the promised 25 rupees, but that he would give them 5 rupees per week. For the guys, this was too much. They could no longer tolerate the man’s behaviour and stormed off, never to be seen playing on the street again.


Humorous people think rationally. They can settle their difficulties quickly and without offending others. The chapter brings forth one such example.