Mother and the Mouse Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


A humorous poem accounting a war between a mouse and brave son defending his now terrified, otherwise very strong mother from the uninvited intruder.


The poem depicts the strength of a mother, while also showing that she too is human. Sometimes she is not as strong as she tries to be and needs her child to support and protect her. It also highlights the love of a son for his mother and his urge to turn into a superhero to protect his mother from any danger.

Stanza I & II

My Mother is not the sort of Mum
who’ll squeal and faint and shiver,
Darkness doesn’t scare her,
When it thunders she won’t quiver!

When I decide to play up
she fixes me with a stare,
One flashing look from her big eyes,
and I just don’t care to dare!

The mother was bold and brave, she was not afraid of the daunting darkness or the terrifying thunder. She did not shake or quiver unlike most people who are timid and easy to scare. When her son would act out she would not even need to scold him, just one stern look from her big eyes would straighten the boy. 

Stanza III & IV

So it was with shock, one morning,
when I woke up from a dream,
To hear my valiant, mighty Mum,
let out a high-pitched scream!

I raced to see her perched up high,
upon the kitchen sink,
Squealing like a baby bat,
Right on the edge, the brink.

One morning the boy wakes up from his slumber to a shocking scream coming from his mighty mother. Alarmed, he rushed to the source of the cry and found his mother atop the kitchen sink, sitting high. It was probably the first time he heard her squeal indicating her great fear.

Stanza V & VI

I asked her what the matter was,
Had the pressure cooker burst?
Or had the oven scorched her hand?
I did expect the worst!
She whimpered like a baby,
And pointed to a mouse,
That had the gall and temerity,
to enter into our house!
I picked a broom and shooed at it,
I chased it to the hall,
I almost whacked it sharply,
for driving Mummy up that wall.

Assuming the worst, the boy enquired the reason for his mother’s fright only to find her point to a mouse. The mouse was rather macho to enter their house and terrorise his mother. The boy determined to defend his mother picked up his weapon, a broom and began his mission to eliminate the intruder. He chased it to the hall and had almost beat it for having the impudence to scare his mother.

Stanza VII & VIII

But it was quick and cunning
and soon gave me the slip,
It vanished in the hallway,
into the garden skip.
I ran into the kitchen,
and helped my Mummy down,
Trembling like an autumn leaf,
She wore a frightened frown...

The sly rodent dodged his way out of the chasing broom and escaped to the garden. The boy rushed to aid and comfort his very strong mother who for the first time was petrified and shaking all because of a mouse.

Stanza IX & X

“I don’t like mice”, she whispered,
Her big eyes round with fear,
I felt like superheroes do,
so glad that I was near!

I told her not to worry,
With the mice I was at war
I promised her that she’d be safe,
For that’s what sons are for!

The mother revealed that she was not fond of mice with fear in her eyes. This revelation and incident made the boy feel mighty. He felt proud that he was able to protect his mother. He assured her that he would protect her and fulfil his duty of being a good son.