The Lonely Child and the Puppy Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


The chapter is a short script that narrates the story of a lonely little boy in search of a friend. 

The Stray

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. He was a lonely child longing for a friend. He missed out on all the joys of childhood. One day while returning from school he came across a stray puppy, little and lonely. The boy immediately went to befriend the cute animal and petted it. The puppy was lost and hungry so the boy shared some biscuits. 

Content with his kindness, the puppy followed the boy home. However, the boy’s mother was not impressed with this addition to the family and was not convinced by her son to let the puppy stay. Alas, the puppy had to part ways and once again return to the life of a stray. This disheartened the little boy and he became hopeless. But he will not remain sad forever. One day, the boy will make a buddy for him to cherish and play with.


The chapter provides hope, comfort and assurance that there is rain after the heat, in essence, bad times are followed by good times. Although the kid is lonely today, he will have great friends one day. It teaches one to be patient. The boy was kind to the puppy regardless of the fact that the animal was a stray. When being kind one must not discriminate.