Stri Purush Tulana Summary by Tarabai Shinde

Introduction Stri Purush Tulana was a reaction to a news article published in 1881 in Pune Vaibhav, an extremely orthodox weekly newspaper. The article was written attacking a young Brahmin widow who has sentenced execution for murdering her illegitimate son to avoid public disgrace and ostracism. Later on, it was this sentence was changed to life transportation. The article … Read more

Plato Attack on Poetry

Introduction During the time of Plato Gods and Heroes were represented in an unfavourable light. Hence they were subjected to severe criticism by the philosophers and educationists. Thus poets were considered to be inferior to the philosophers and orators. Plato’s Attack on Poetry Plato being much aware of these things and being profoundly influenced was … Read more

Concept of God According to Aristotle

He is not the Creator The concept of God is a little bit weird as suggested by Aristotle. According to Aristotle, God is not the Creator of the universe but the One who causes it to move. This is so because a creator is a dreamy person and a dreamer is always a dissatisfied one … Read more

Civil Disobedience Summary by Thoreau

Introduction The essay Civil Disobedience or Resistance to Civil Government was a speech delivered by David Thoreau in response to a particular event-the Mexican War, which occurred on May 1846. This war was probably expected to result in the expansion of slave territory. Thoreau examining the consequences of the rule of the state was satisfied … Read more

Indian Traditions and The Western Imagination Summary

Read this article to know about the summary of Indian Traditions and the Western Imaginations by Amartya Sen. Introduction The essay deals with the image of India in the West and different kinds of approaches through which the West sees India. In the introductory part, the author describes the influence of colonialism on the self-image of … Read more

Indian English Drama Before Independence

Introduction In simple words, Drama is a genre of English Literature, which is normally in prose and which tells a story and is intended to be represented by actors impersonating the characters and speaking the dialogue. It involves the playwright, the actor, the audience, plot-construction, characterisation, dialogues, music, dance, posture, stage sets etc. Indian Drama … Read more

Essay on Time Management in English

Read this article to learn about the 6 most effective strategies for managing time efficiently. Social ecologist Peter F. Drucker once said, A post shared by English Summary (@englishsummary) on Jul 4, 2018 at 9:27pm PDT The act or art of managing time is called time management. Time Management is very important to successfully carry … Read more

Short Essay on Sun in English

Sun is a crucial reason for our existence. Without the Sun there would be no existence of life on Earth as it is responsible for the process of photosynthesis and generating oxygen with the help of plants. It gives us energy directly as well as indirectly in many forms such as heat and light, solar … Read more