Indian Literature

Introduction Literature that was written before 1947 is considered as Indian literature. Literature in Sanskrit which includes the sacred books – the Vedas, Upanishads is in the form of epics in Indian literature. This is because of the importance assigned to the language ‘Sanskrit’ in ancient India. It was the lingua franca and high culture … Read more

Jawaharlal Nehru Essay: His Idea of Secularism & Religion

Introduction The concept of religion and secularism have played an important role in the history of our country. Some leaders made religion a tool to divide India while some used secularism to strengthen its unity and fraternity. Nehru was the one who left no stone unturned to strengthen secularism during the 1940s. A number of … Read more

Importance of Playing Games Essay

Arshad and Mohsin are two teenagers who have come from their scraggly confines in UP to earn a living wage as hairstylists. They work for 10 hours a day and send the money back to their home, a hamlet near Chandpur in UP. But the thing they miss the most is the vast expanse of … Read more

What Makes a Happy Life Essay

Cliché A ‘Cliché’, a word used all the time to show dislike, to denote boredom, negativity filled. But a Cliché need not at all times be bad. In today’s world we are bored of everything, may it be chocolate, a quote, an expression, a relationship or even life. And we tag it as ‘Cliché’. We … Read more

Laughter is the Best Medicine Essay

Read this article to know how laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humour lightens your burden, inspires hope, connects you to others and keeps you grounded, focused and alert. With so … Read more

How to Cope With Stress Essay

Read this article to know how to control and manage stress and ways to relieve anxiety. Introduction Stress can emanate from day to day activities and disturbances. Even a small problem in a family causes stress, like a fight between husband and wife, disobedience of children, drug addiction etc. All these activities lead to stress. There … Read more

Bollywood Essay | Indian Cinema

Bollywood or the page 3 industry is a world-known yet unknown to us. A whole new world that has accepted people with open arms marked its beginning in 1913 when a small-town photographer from Maharashtra got inspired by a movie about the Life of Jesus and produced FIRST full-length INDIAN FEATURE FILM- “RAJA HARISHCHANDRA”. This … Read more

A Trip to Kashmir Essay

Read this article to know about an interesting trip to Kashmir which is paradise on earth not only because of its natural beauty but because of the beauty of Kashmiris’ hearts. As it was planned to return back to home we started our journey early in the morning. It was my first ever trip in … Read more

The Function of Criticism at the Present Times by Matthew Arnold Summary

Introduction The essay The Function of Criticism at the Present Time was published by Matthew Arnold in his first collection of critical writing ‘Essays in Criticism’ in 1865.  The essay deals with Arnold’s interpretation of criticism and his critique of writers who write politically or religiously biased literature thus narrowing its scope. Idea vs. Reality Arnold starts his … Read more