What Makes a Happy Life Essay

A ‘Cliché’, a word used all the time to show dislike, to denote boredom, negativity filled. But a Cliché need not at all times be bad. In today’s world we are bored of everything, may it be chocolate, a quote, an expression, a relationship or even life. And we tag it as ‘Cliché’.

We all say that we don’t want to be the same as all, we don’t want society to take its toll on us. And that’s’ cos we wanna be different, and everything to be different and proudly boast about it as ‘breaking the stereotype’.

But the most upsetting of all the stereotypes we are breaking is LOVE. Be it of any form, all of us wanna be different. Most of the couples these days, in the name of being different, have forgotten to love.

They call themselves committed but have casual relationships with others and when questioned all they gotta say is, ‘Let’s break the stereotype‘, and they are committed in their own way and not how the society defines commitment to be or the so-called ‘Cliché’ way.

  • Cliché’ Way is Better

But here I just wanna tell, the ‘Cliché’ way is better.

It’s still OK to give a flower to the one you love, its OK to ask you to drop a text once u reach home, its OK to kiss your forehead and not the lips always, it’s OK to be loyal, it’s OK to have just THE ONE, and of all it’s OK to love the ‘Cliché’ way.

It’s not the boring way but rather the right way which will make the relationship last. And not only in couples, be it even the case when a girl becomes a real woman, a mother.


Young mothers these days fight with their husbands that he should be exactly as responsible for the kid as her. Schedules being stuck in refrigerators as to who takes care of the kid when. And when asked why? ‘Breaking the stereotype‘ as usual.

But again I just wanna say that the ‘Cliché’ way is how it’s supposed to be. In the new mania of breaking stereotypes, people are forgetting to love again.

  • Things to Do

The father should take care for sure I don’t deny but the mother must not compromise her love for the kid just ‘cos of a schedule. That’s why till this generation it’s a mother’s lap we yearn for more than a dad’s hug.

And all I am worried is that the generations to come will never know this. And the stereotype-breaking spree hitting the young minds is what haunts me the most.

Relationships at the age of 12, virginity lost before 15, pregnancy at the time of innocence, live in relationships before knowing what is commitment, feeling disgusted about a black dot on the finger than not being a part in deciding the nation’s next ruler and most of all being embarrassed by the two who brought dem into this world.

A mother’s kiss, a dad’s hug, a siblings pat are supposed to bring smiles but today’s teens only are disgusted more. Again, what is being followed for years together has become the ‘Cliché’ type. And today’s young minds hate it.

  • Break Stereotypes

It’s not advice but just mention, that the old stereotyped way of life is what it’s supposed to be like. And it is the better way. I’m not telling breaking the stereotype is bad but we gotta do it in a good way.

Women you get down on your knees instead of the guy. Men hold woman’s hand when she’s giving birth. Women talk about politics. Men you buy the groceries. Women say no to jewellery. Men say yes to cook a meal.

Let’s all say no to an extravaganza. Let’s say yes to serve the needy. These stereotypes are good if broken. But call me old-fashioned, at times, loving the ‘Cliché’ way or caring the ‘Cliché’ way or living the ‘Cliché’ way is what’s needed out of us and ultimately for us.