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Bollywood or the page 3 industry is a world-known yet unknown to us. A whole new world that has accepted people with open arms marked its beginning in 1913 when a small-town photographer from Maharashtra got inspired by a movie about the Life of Jesus and produced FIRST full-length INDIAN FEATURE FILM- “RAJA HARISHCHANDRA”.

This small-town guy is today’s big Daddy of this cinema world and the name is “Govind Phalke”. The trend and concepts of Filmmaking today are completely different from those of 1913. The first film RAJA HARISHCHANDRA was based on the story of a king HARISHCHANDRA as the title itself suggests, who sacrificed his kingdom, wife, and son in order to fulfil a promise he once made to a sage named Vishwamitra.

The Epic revolved around the protagonist and his family and showed the problems faced by them. At that time male actors played the female characters by shaving off their moustaches to make it look

more realistic but as the time changed, the titles, the storylines and the concepts related to movie showed a remarkable change. Bollywood’s journey of transformation can easily be shown through the adaptations that the industry has made.


The transition from Black and White movies to Eastman colour was an innovative change that brought colours to cinema also the movies of different concepts and ideologies were released showing an influential effect on the mind-sets of people.

Actually, not only the mindsets but their dressing and hairstyles too. Since the beginning of 2000’s Era Bollywood has turned towards scientific and techno struck movies, depicting the advent of very mechanised ideology that we people have acquired.

Movies like Robot, Ra.One that shows advancement and usage of gadgets are made especially to attract the young viewers and techno smart generation.

Earlier movies were made on books, situations etc. that were fictional but today movies are made on realistic events, daily life problems and situations after looking at the interests of people.

Imagine if you had to see such movies today, well, all I can say is, if that happens we will certainly have new form torture evolved.

Absolutely no offence to mythology but still don’t you think in this fast and furious life when people want speed, watching protagonist revolving around a tree or a pillar in ultra-slow motion would be a bit boring?

So changing time has thankfully changed the trend and has saved us from those long tree to tree love stories.

Change that we see from RAJ KUMAR TO RAJESH KHANNA and “JAANI” to “PUSHPA……. I HATE TEARS REE”, the change from AMITABH BACHCHAN TO SHAHRUKH KHAN and from ‘HAEEN” TO KKKKKK… KIRAN, from bell bottoms to fitted jeans is the journey I have been talking about in this article.

It’s “we” THE PEOPLE, THE AUDIENCE that needs to please and I being a part of this “we” am happy with the change, however, I still look forward to the Hollywood level fun, thrill, mystery in Bollywood movies.

Stay Filmy!

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