Short Essay on Cinema

There is no place in the modern world, where cinema does not tempt all groups and classes alike. This cinema is the most popular centre of entertainment of modern times. Its popularity is, indeed, beyond any challenge or doubt today. The influence of Cinema is also tremendous.

The pointed appeal of films go deep into the heart of man and influence him significantly. There are films with different ideals and thoughts, with different social problems and issues. The filmdom provides enough food for different tastes and temperaments. It easily appeals to all by its vast and diverse themes. It can touch every heart in some way or other.

Cinema is definitely an art. Every art is a sort of propaganda of some thought, feeling or idea. The value of every art, however, lies in the effect of this propaganda. The ultimate effect may be helpful to human progress. But this may also degenerate a man’s mind. It may tempt him to corrupt thoughts and evil deeds.

It is the effect of cinema that determines its importance in society. When the effect is good, the propaganda the cinema becomes useful. But this proves dangerous when the effect is unhealthy. Cinema entertains all hearts. Entertainment to exhausted and depressed men is certainly the most remarkable use of cinema. But this gift of entertainment is not its only use.

Cinema gives not only recreation but also instruction. Its instructive aspect is another form of its usefulness. This is particularly useful for social development and national solidarity. Cinema can improve the cultural attainments of men and women in an effective way. The horizon of human knowledge is limited by his experience. Cinema, however, enlarges this horizon by its life-like depictions of some inspiring facts of life.

Ordinary men see the learning, they are inspired to think and act in a noble and dignified way. A Culture uplift of the popular taste may be thus achieved by means of cinema. Cinema deals with different subjects. Love, religion, war, humanism, patriotism, social ills or anything else may be the subject of films.

The nature of these subjects and their treatment actually determines the effect of Cinema on society. If the subject is lofty and the treatment inspiring, cinema Proves extremely useful. It renders them highly useful services to moral progress and social happiness. It cultivates in man the noble qualities of Kindness, love and faith.

It inspires in his love for freedom and mankind. It develops his social consciousness and political understanding. Here it is found really useful. Cinema can act as a helpful social force if it is properly conducted. It may even be of much help in the field of rural uplift and mass education. It is now recognised as one of the most potent and effective educational aids to the modern age.

In a backward country, like India, its importance, as a source of knowledge and training, is undeniable. The common people of Indian villages and towns, have scarcely any knowledge about the rules of hygiene and sanitation. They live in ignorance and superstition, suffer and die helplessly.

In fact, cinema can enlarge experience and acquaint all people well with their country and society. It can also broaden their outlook, enrich their conscience and help them to become the ideal citizens of a country. It is capable of playing a truly positive role in human society to ensure peace and progress. But the power of cinema is also much abused by greedy and selfish people.

A bad film has dangerous effects on the human mind. It deals with cheap entertainment and vulgar scenes. It misleads particularly young minds with is a gross sensation. Younger people are much excited and instigated to the unhappy acts of crime and corruption under the influence of bad films. yet, it is silly to cry down cinema as a social sore.

In fact, cinema is a iving reality of the present age and cannot be done away with. It is rather to fruitfully employed to achieves man’s social and cultural progress. If cinema is made to train and develop, human character and understanding, it becomes really helpful as a moral influence and a cultural aid to men.

It Is no doubt, often used as a means to offer cheap amusement. But this is Merely an abuse of the power of cinema which is to be applied to help human culture and progress. Cinema, in fact, is a positive force to uplift man’s mind, morals and manners. This truth cannot be denied or ignored.