Why Falling in Love with a Writer is the Most Beautiful Thing

Not just a writer, he who knows the power of words is creator. Embracing different combinations of only 26 letters is the quality that defines the wit of a writer.

Have you ever seen someone so consumed in thoughts that he/she almost avoids what is happening around?

Or someone who has almost endless capacity of scribbling on a sheet of paper?

If yes, then my friend, you already know who a writer is.  Hey! I forgot something, before making your heart a little restless about a writer, allow me to tell you what this term WRITER actually says about the person! It says

W– Wanderer

R– Reader

I– Intellectual

T– Tender

E– Eternal

R– Remarkable

What more do you need to fall for someone?

Allow yourself to fall free. Let your heart demand what it wants! There is no such thing which is as amazing as falling in love with a writer. Don’t believe me?

Okay allow me to be your guide and read on!


Writers romanticise every bit of love. They know how to make you feel special. They always have the magical key to unlock the feelings caged in hearts.

Writers romanticise the idea of love and cherish the experience and feelings that love gives birth to. Mostly writers are readers too!

They know what pain feels like. They know the value of emotions and support that we transient beings need to survive in this alienated world!

The best part about loving them is they don’t get influenced by anything and anyone easily, so you can be almost sure that none could ever plant a malicious seed in your relationship.


Writers are writers because of their gifted colourful imagination. An imagination that can give life to an inanimate object, an imagination that can spread smiles.

Besides chocolates and flowers, Writers too know how to get that natural blush on cheeks complimenting the pearl white smile hidden inside rosy lips.

Due to their colourful imagination they are never short of ideas. So you know you are going to have a different and innovate date every time you meet them.

Well, they can help you in hiding result cards from your parents too! So don’t let them slip by.


If you are in love with a writer, you might feel that he/she is a little ignorant towards you when it comes to you and the passion for writing but don’t you worry at all my dear reader, they won’t let you cry at all.

They just need their time of realisation and once they realise it, they will be the most expressive, consoling and supportive partners you have ever had.

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The most beautiful thing about falling in love their writer is that their writing speaks for themselves!

There are many prejudiced notions associated with this writing profession like “BETA KAMAOGE KITNA” which means “WILL YOU BE ABLE TO EARN YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER BY THE MEANS OF YOUR WRITINGS?” but they don’t care about what the society thinks about them.

All they know is they are doing what they want to do, not what others want them to do. They never have regrets of choosing a profession where they can touch souls!

Don’t think just go for them!


In love with a writer? Really? Well! Then all I can say is they don’t need almonds! I hope you got what I’m trying to convey. Writers are believed to have a really good and a sharp memory. They don’t forget things very easily and specially those things which ponder their vanity.

So, if you are in love with a writer you can almost guarantee that he/she will never forget your kindness, loyalty and sacrifices and will always show their gratitude. But don’t forget, they still will have that same memory if you throb them!


As I just said that before being a reader, it is impossible for any single one to be a writer. Reading and watching movies provide you with a whole set of different ideas and can help in reading people. Well!

Here a writer aces! If a writer is in love with you, you should know you are different. If your love reaches the final destination i.e., “being hooked for life” then you can be almost sure that he/she will never let you stray from the path of righteousness and you will never fall as prey in the hands of a hunter!


Writers observe very keenly what is happening around. They try to feel everything around with all their heart and therefore they touch people, not physically but spiritually like a healing balm.

Some philosophers say that poetry or a piece of writing can never inflict the pain that a person has felt but writers that disagree still write, still touch life, hearts and souls of people who can’t speak their hearts out.


If you fall in love with a writer, you know you are going to have someone to guide you in almost everything. You know you will never be short of the second opinion.

Writers have a very strong view point even about minute things which can change only if you show them evidences about it. Due to their boon of way with words, they can easily manipulate people and can get their job done.

Some of you might feel that it can be hazardous for you, but think about the long run, the world prefers practicality!


“If you fall in love with a writer, you never die.” If a writer is actually in love with you and your relationship is not just any fling then trust me, you are going to thank God each and every second of your life.

Be that a poem, an ode or a story, you know you are the muse who has blessed a writer with an imagination and an experience that he/she wouldn’t have had if you weren’t there.

Some part of you will always get written and you will stay alive forever at least in a writer’s world.

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