How to Cope With Stress Essay

Read this article to know how to control and manage stress and ways to relieve anxiety.


Stress can emanate from day to day activities and disturbances. Even a small problem in a family causes stress, like a fight between husband and wife, disobedience of children, drug addiction etc. All these activities lead to stress. There are a number of methods to manage stress.

  • Keep Balance

Try to keep a balance between work and play, challenge and ease, stress and relaxation, exercise and rest etc. Make your lifestyle in a manner that your needs and desires are fulfilled in a balanced way. Be content, or else there is no end to desires and greed.

  • Raise Your Tolerance Level

In difficult and discomforting situations, try to bear as much as you can. It might seem difficult to act upon, however with regular efforts, you will learn to live with it. It will make you distraught and more composed. Ultimately even worst inconvenience won’t shake you!

  • Behavioural Self-control

Once you have decided to undertake a major step, you should do it with full knowledge, about its implications, focusing on long terms objectives to be reserved by it. You can accomplish this task with self-control, self-restraint and self-discipline.

  • Write Them Down

Whenever you face a number of problems, sit down and take a deep breath. Take a paper and write down all your problems on it and then burn it. This will give you relief.

  • Doing Favourite Activities

Do you like hanging out with friends? or taking a shower? or singing or dancing? Just go for it! It will deviate you from stress!

  • Pray and Meditate

Praying and meditation calm the mind and relieves unnecessary tension and burden.

  • Professional Counsellor

A number of us prefer death to stress and suicide. Remember that suicide is a grave sin and coward act. It never solves any of our problems. Instead, visit a professional counsellor.

In this age of anxiety, with new causes of stress being added every day, the list of stressors continues to increases. It is up to us how we manage and diffuse our stress and create a life of joy and happiness!

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